5th Defenders of Andurien

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5th Defenders of Andurien
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
Nickname The Hunters[1]
Parent Formation Defenders of Andurien



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At some point during the late Succession Wars era (though implicitly no later than 3025) the Fifth Defenders of Andurien counted Leon Garcia, the firstborn son of Grumman Amalgamated's CEO and co-owner Alfredo Garcia, among their ranks. His first combat was against a pirate raid. Later, on Shiro III, he was to secure the communication module from a downed Capellan Cyclops but was beaten to the prize by his younger brother, a MechWarrior with the mercenary unit Steel Brothers. The Steel Brothers subsequently terminated their contract with the Duchy of Andurien, were declared rogue and fled towards the Magistracy of Canopus with elements from the 5th Defenders of Andurien including Leon Garcia in pursuit. Following a costly but undecisive battle on Cursa, the two units later fought again on another world closer to the Magistracy. Their battle was interrupted by Capellan forces bent on wiping them out. They united against the Capellans, narrowly defeated them (with only a single 'Mech still standing after the battle), and the brothers subsequently made peace.[2]

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Since 3025 until at least 3031 the commanding officer of the unit is Colonel Jimmy Lee.[3]


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Composition HistoryEdit


5th Defenders of Andurien (Regular/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Colonel Jimmy Lee


Game RulesEdit

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