BattleMech Timetable

How to use this page

To add dates to this table using current BattleMech pages, add the following property tags:
[[Introduction Year::3067]]
[[Production Ceased::2719]]
[[Extinction Era::Second Succession War]]
[[Reintroduction Year::Reintroduction Year]]
These may be added to current paragraphs that describe when a 'Mech was first produced, went extinct, or was re-introduced. For example, if a paragraph states this:

First produced in [[3010]], the formidable Adder was

you could change that to:

First produced in [[Introduction Year::3010]], the formidable Adder was

Another example would be:

brought a number of designs with them in [[3009]], raising

You could change that to:

brought a number of designs with them in [[Reintroduction Year::3009]], raising

Alternatively, you could use Template:BattleMech Timetable to add an invisible template to the page with all of the above information. Simply place the following template on a page, and input the required information.

{{BattleMech Timetable |introduction=3040 |ceased=3067|extinction=Jihad|reintroduction=3100}}

Once you add the properties to these 'Mech pages, they are updated automatically on this Timetable page (note: updates may not happen instantly, this wiki takes time to sort though all database updates. To force this page to update, click the refresh tab at the top of the page).

BattleMech Timetable

The following table displays every 'Mech that is on the BattleMechs Category page, which should be all of them. As properties are added to 'Mechs' pages, this table is automatically updated. By default, 'Mechs are listed in alphabetical order. By clicking the Sort.gif button, you can sort the list by the 'Mech's production, extinction, and reintroduction dates.