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Welcome to the Military Commands WikiProject. The purpose of this project is to improve the coverage and quality of all articles on military units here at BTW.


The Military Commands WikiProject is responsible for all articles on military commands and formations, from the unit level up to the national command level. Note that this includes the commands of mercenaries, Clans, pirates, and nations.

Examples as follows:


  • To create needed categories for military command articles.
    • Determine which categories certain classes of articles belong to.
  • Unify the InfoBoxes so that there is one for all units.
  • Create articles for all military commands in the BattleTech universe.
    • Improve the quality of said articles.


Project Military Commands has been launched!


  • When creating an article, fill it in with info.
  • Use the help article to get started with a standardized format.
  • Be sure to add the banner to the talk page of every military command article.
  • When military command article titles involve numbers, the text should always be represented as a number, e.g. "1st Davion Guards", "666th Mechanized Cluster".
  • When writing about military commands in the body of an article, the numerical portion of the command's title should be spelled out, unless it is higher than one hundered, e.g. "First Davion Guards", "666th Mechanized Cluster".
  • The full name of a command should be used rather than an abbreviation, however common, e.g. "Valexa Capellan March Militia" instead of "Valexa CMM".
  • All Clan commands should have the Clan name after the title in parenthesis, e.g., "Golden Keshik (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)".

Article Titles

  • When creating Clan command articles, all titles should follow the format of "Unit Name (Clan X)". For example, "Golden Keshik (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)".
  • If it is necessary to disambiguate between title for other factions, use the same format.


Please feel free to join up to work on the Project by adding your name to the list featured below.

  1. Scaletail (Project lead): Category creation
  2. Dmon probably making more mess than progress.
  3. BigDuke66 Initial article creation.
  4. Alkemita Unit Composition flesh out - currently adding Clan units.
  5. Aldous Unit Composition Details and Flavor.
  6. Cyc article expansion/references - primarily favoring Com Guard units.
  7. Wrangler updating/expanding existing histories of units & adding missing articles.
  8. Stormlion1 Initial Article creation - finished FedCom Corp, now starting Mercenary Commands and am open to requests.
  9. ClanWolverine101 Mostly cleanup, but I've written a couple of unit articles now, and will write more.
  10. Neufeld Article expansion, especially Lyran units.


Members and non-members alike, please add articles that are needed or need work, as appropriate.

This is not a complete list

Needed Articles:

Articles requiring expansion