Colin Campbell

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Colin Campbell
Died April 3028
Affiliation Northwind Highlanders


Colin Campbell (b. ???? – d. 3028) was a MechWarrior Captain serving in the 2nd Kearny Highlanders. He was assigned to the provisional battalion of ’Mechs assembled to conduct a raid on Mira in April of 3028. Campbell was given command of the mission group’s First Company, which had most of the best-trained MechWarriors in the unit. He piloted a Phoenix Hawk, which was one of the heaviest ’Mechs sent on the raid.[1]

After the Davion military garrison on Mira was alerted to their presence, Campbell’s company was ordered by Major Ian Fraser to form a forward defensive line in a jungle river.[2]

Artillery fire called in by AFFS infantry spotters wrecked Campbell’s BattleMech and he was forced to eject. When his subordinate – Commander Dunbar – tried to pick him up, another volley killed them both. This left the remainder of First Company in the hands of Commander Crane, an inexperienced and newly-appointed lance leader.[3]


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