Dalma Humphreys

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Dalma Humphreys (Born 3011[1]) - Free Worlds League noblewoman and Political Leader of the Duchy of Andurien.

At Age of 61 in 3076

Character Description

In her youth she was determined and pragmatic woman, who by all accounts was a model Free Worlds League citizen. Over the decades of politics, she became more like her grandmother in her suspicion of League Politics.

Character History

Early Life & Political Career

Daughter of Richard Humphrey, fifth son of the Duchess Catherine Humphreys, Dalma was born into political dynasty charged in the protection of the all things Andurien.

After the her Grandmother's efforts failed to win independence for Duchy, shortly after die. She was designated as heir-apparent of Duchy, over her father Richard. Not having the taint of her family whom was involved with rebellion against the League, Dalma actively was supporter of then-new Captain-General Thomas Marik. She was seen as patriotic and stoic individual in deals of the League.[2]

Dalma Humphreys in her younger days

As the Duchess of Andurien

At age 28, Dalma reclaimed the family's title of leader of the Duchy of Andurien. She moved ahead with determination to rebuild her badly mauled Duchy.

In course of her reign, she had become like her grandmother before her. By the Jihad, she saw fragmenting of the League's central authority and its ability to respond to crisis. So, she begun raise new frontline military forces help defend the Andurien from attack. She initially formed of the Andurien Rangers brigade in 3073 marking the 25th anniversary of her ascendance to the throne.[3] They which not unlike their predecessor the Defenders of Andurien, show loyalty on to Duchy's needs.

In 3075, Naomi Centrella-Liao visited Duchess Dalama and delivered message of peace and warning to Andurien parliament and her. Where she and Magistry Canopus celebrates their past relationship, hope ties will grow, but also she and her husband's nation are bonds a strong as well. Sending signal that if actions taken by Andurien turn against Liao, they would face two nations, not just one.[4]

In February, 3076, Dulma discovers that Word of Blake forces had discovered Naomi Centrella-Liao's unlisted route she was using to return to Sian. She scrambles her aerospace forces and moves to rescue Naomi from Blakist ambush in the Furud system. Duchess Dulma travelled with the rescue force, to meet with Naomi herself. At the meeting, she chided her lack of proper escort through potential hostile space. She also, presented hand in peace by offering her fighters and ships to properly escort Naomi back to Sian. Magestrix accepted the offer, in unspoken decision of trusting Duchess Dulma and her people.[5]

Through her negations Dalma is convinces her neighboring provincial, Mosiro Archipelago, to joined with her in a defense pact which effectively binds Archipelago to the Duchy in March.[6]

Family & Legacy

Dalma has no children of her own, but has a brother Steven. She has appointed his daughter as the Heir-designate for the Duchy.

Positions and Titles

Preceded by
Catherine Humphreys
Duchess of Andurien
3048 – 3???

Succeeded by
Evelyn Humphreys

Preceded by
Catherine Humphreys
Leader of the Duchy of Andurien
3048 – 3???

Succeeded by
Evelyn Humphreys


Information on Dulma's child hood and activies in years a Duchess prior to the Jihad have not been written as of this writing.

Game Notes

Using Notable personalities Skills and Special Abilities Rules from Master and Minions, following abilities may be applied when using A Time for War RPG abilities using Duchess. Due to her warming relations with House Liao and Magistray of Canopus, as of 3076 characters/forces attempting to Espionage against the her Duchy will receive +3 penalty against their rolls. Also, when using these rules when playing with the BattleForce game system, Andurien force is given a lance of Ontos Heavy Tanks at no cost due Duchess relationship with company that produces the design.[7]


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