Dante (WarShip class)

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Dante-class Warship TRO3067.jpg
Production information
Manufacturer ComStar Titan Yards
Introduced 2941
Use Frigate
Tech Base Star League
Cost 9,968,115,999 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 610,000 tons
Length 640 m
Sail Diameter 610 m
Fuel 3,000 tons
Burn Rate
Safe Thrust 2.5 g
Top Thrust 4 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 13
LF Battery Yes
Armament 16 x ER Large Lasers
48 x Small Pulse Lasers
32 x

Large Pulse Lasers
24 x Anti-Missile Systems
32 x LRM-20
16 x NAC/30s
4 x NAC/35s
12 x NL55s

Armor 600 tons of Ferro-Carbide
DropShip Capacity 2
Crew 188, 24 Passengers
Grav Decks 1 x 135 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 24/0
Heat Sinks 650 Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 50
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


Developed at the request of Primus Hollings York, the heavily automated Dante-class frigate was built by ComStar as a stop-gap during the early years of the ComStar Guards and Milita.

While ComStar had retained a number of ex-SLDF WarShips in mothballs, these required large crews which the Order could not yet supply. With a degree of automation akin to the Sovetskii Soyuz Class, the Dante Class was principally intended to serve as the command and escort ship for DropShip flotillas. The Dante's mix of speed, firepower and armor also make it adept at raiding tactics, but due to the purely defensive role of the Com Guards at the time of its creation the small cargo bay and full bunkerage it was designed with hamper any independent operations.

In all three Dante Class ships were constructed between 2935 and 2941 when the spiraling cost of the renovation of existing ships, difficulty in hiding both the vessels and large number of personnel to crew them from the Successor States and the death of the project's champion Primus York led to the program being frozen. As a proven design, Precentor Martial Focht had considered the construction of further Dante Class ships, but the loss of the Titan Yards to the Word of Blake occurred before construction could even be started.


Like many modern WarShips, the Dante Class features a mixture of capital class weaponry, naval autocannons and lasers, and smaller weaponry geared to fight fleets of DropShips and Aerospace Fighters, the Successor State navies having obliterated each others WarShips prior to its development. This weaponry is spread fairly evenly across every angle of the ship, with only the rear lacking in a capital weapon.


Due to the defensive role of the ComStar WarShip fleet and the inclusion of Lithium-Fusion Battery System, the Dante Class have limited cargo capacity of 17,087 tons split between two bays, and 12 fighter complement.

Named Vessels

Com Star
  • CSV Bordeaux - The Bordeaux was built in 2944 and assigned to the Com Guard First Fleet at Luyten 68-28.[1] On 1 August 3068, the Bordeaux ran the Blakist blockade of Tukayyid. Personnel from the 104th Division were able to rescue Primus Sharilar Mori and some senior ComGuard officers. The vessel safely returned ComStar's leader to Orestes after reportedly only suffering minor damage.[4][5] In the first week of November 3068, the Bordeaux was defending Orestes when Blakist forces attacked the planet. The Bordeaux was badly damaged, though ground troops were able to drive off the Word's forces.[6][7] The Bordeaux took part in the liberation of Chara in 3077.[8]
  • CSV Montpellier - The Montpellier was built in 2948 and assigned to the ComGuard First Fleet at Luyten 68-28.[1] It is believed to have taken part in the Word of Blake's nuclear bombardment of Alarion in April of 3069, meaning that the vessel was captured by the Word.[9]


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Dante-class frigate from Field Manual: ComStar