Dieron Military District

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Clan Invasion

The Clan Invasion, though not directly impacting the District, did lead to a staggering reduction in military forces stationed there, as the Federated Commonwealth was no longer the primary threat to the Draconis Combine. At the start of 3050, 24 battlemech regiments were based in the district, nearly a quarter of the Dragon's total strength. [1] By 3054 when the situation had stabilized, only three regiments remained. [2]


From 3020 as to 3034 General Vasily Cherenkoff was the ruling Warlord of the District.[3]
The commanding district warlord from 3034 as to 3054 is Tai-shu Michi Noketsuna[2], he was followed in early 3054 by Tai-Shu Isoroku Kurita and he held the command also in 3059.[4]

Prefecture History




  • Al Nair Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Davis Tremelo)[4]
  • Algedi Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Gary Stamp)[4]
  • Ashio Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Jasik Yoshiro)[4]
  • Kessel Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Tobias Villagua)[4]
  • Vega Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Michael Sobiroff)[4]



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