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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Strana Mechty at (0, 0)

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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

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In September 2821 the system designated EC821-387D by the Clans was the site of the final major battle between the large combined Clan naval force led by Rafe Kardaan and the fleeing remnants of the independent spacefarer communities established by survivors of the civil war that led to the Second Exodus. Kardaan, saKhan of Clan Cloud Cobra, was a former Star League Defense Force Admiral and following the successful prosecution of the campaign to secure the Babylon system was placed in charge of the campaign to capture those elements of the spacefarer communities scattered across the Pentagon Worlds who had elected to flee in the face of conquest by the Clans.[1]

Kardaan's force consisted of ships from every Clan pursued the fleeing spacefarers for months, making slow gains initially as inter-clan rivalry and the haphazard and seemingly random course taken by the spacefarers frustrated Kardaan's pursuit; as the Clan vessels began to capture larger and more substantial groups of spacefarers, the surviving groups combined into one large group for survival. This larger group was much more easily tracked by Kardaan's forces, who finally caught up with the spacefarers in the EC821-387D system. The spacefarer fleet at this time consisted of five WarShips, including a Potemkin and a Vincent, and eleven JumpShips. The brief naval battle saw two of the spacefarer WarShips destroyed and all of the JumpShips captured; the Potemkin and the Quixote class vessels managed to escape briefly by jumping away, with the Potemkin carrying some 20,000 survivors, but both ships were found again within two weeks and the Potemkin captured. The Quixote-class ship was the largest spacefarer vessel to escape the Clans, disappearing when the Potemkin was captured and never being seen again.[1]


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