Extended Range Particle Projector Cannon

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Extended Range Particle Projector Cannon (ER PPC)
Production information
Type Energy
Tech Base Inner Sphere


Year Availability Clan = 2826

IS = 3037

Year Introduced Clan = 2826 CSR

IS = 2751 TH

Year Extinction Clan = N/A

IS = 2860

Year Reintroduced Clan = N/A

IS = 3037 DC

Technology Rating E
Availability Ratings E/F/D
Technical specifications
Heat 15
Damage Clan = 15

IS = 10

Minimum Range n/a
Short Range 1-7
Medium Range 8-14
Long Range 15-23
Tons Clan = 6

IS = 7

Critical Slots Clan = 2

IS = 3

Ammo Per Ton n/a
Cost (unloaded) 300,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) n/a
BV (1.0) Clan = 412

IS = 229

BV (2.0) Clan = 412[1]

IS = 228[2]


First introduced in 2751 by the Terran Hegemony, the Extended-Range Particle Projector Cannon, or ER PPC for short, has a greatly increased range than that of a standard PPC. Capable of causing extreme damage at long range, it unfortunately generates a tremendous amount of heat, and so can be difficult to use effectively. The ER PPC is also noticable for having no minimal range.

After becoming lostech during the Succession Wars, the ER PPC was first reintroduced to the Inner Sphere in 3037 by the Draconis Combine. By this point the Clans had greatly refined the weapon, with slight reductions in size and weight, but most notably boosting its damage by fifty percent, making it capable of shaving off almost a ton of armor in a single hit. Despite the best efforts of the Great Houses, none have been able to successfully replicate this increase, though their efforts have resulted in the Heavy PPC which matches the damage potential (and heat) of the Clan weapon and has also led to devices such as the PPC Capacitor that can emulate the increase to a degree.


ER PPCs are manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Aberdovey Mark XXX Connaught Kong Interstellar Corporation
Blankenburg Technologies 200 Terra Blankenburg Technologies
Ceres Arms Warrior Capella Ceres Metals Industries
Defiance 1001 Furillo Defiance Industries
Defiance 1001 Hesperus II Defiance Industries
Fusigon Longtooth Campbelton Fusigon Heavy Weaponry
Fusigon XI Campbelton Fusigon Heavy Weaponry
Johnston High Speed New Syrtis Johnston Industries
Lord's Light 2 Tok Do Alshain Weapons
Magna Firestar Betelgeuse Firmir Weaponry
Magna Firestar Lopez Magna
Magna Firestar Taurus Magna
Majestry Metals Royal Flush[3] Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Ripper Series A1[4] Arc-Royal WC Site 1
Tiegart Magnum Nirasaki Maltex Corporation
Tigart Maximum[5] Nirasaki Maltex Corporation
Type 22[6] Weingarten W-7 Facilities
Type DDS "Kingston"[7] Unknown Unknown

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