Filtvelt Coalition

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Filtvelt Coalition
Faction Profile
Time period: 3072 - Present
Classification: Periphery State
Controlled systems: 21
Capital world: Filtvelt
Ruler title: unknown
Military: Filtvelt Citizen's Militia
Secret Service: unknown

The Filtvelt Coalition is a Periphery realm that formed on February 20, 3072.[1] After being ignored by House Davion for the first five years of the Jihad, and facing attacks from the Tortuga Dominions and Taurian Concordat, twenty worlds from the Broken Wheel Combat Region seceded from the Federated Suns to form their own nation.

AFFS military units stationed in the systems claimed by the Filtvelt Coalition were given the choice of either transferring into the Filtvelt Defensive Army or relocating to a Federated Suns system. A few weeks after the nation announced its independence, the Coalition introduced a universal draft to increase its defensive preparedness. This draft increased the size of the Citizen's Militia.[2] The Thumpers mercenary unit signed on with the Filtvelt Coalition for several contracts.[3]

Sometime after the close of the Jihad and prior to 3130, thirteen of the systems that made up the Filtvelt Coalition re-entered the Federated Suns.[4]

Worlds of the Filtvelt Coalition

The following systems were part of the Filtvelt Coalition when it formed in 3072: Cogdell, Ebro, Eustatius, Filtvelt, Gillingham, Hephzibah, Jaboatao, Lackland, Mararn, Marielund, Mejicanos, Memphis, Morven, Moultrie, Redondo, Sherwood, Skepptana, Sodertalje, Vaucluse, Wetumpka, and Broken Wheel.

In 3130, the following systems were part of the Coalition: Filtvelt, Marielund, Wetumpka, Broken Wheel, Lackland, Skepptana, and Mararn.

Filtvelt Citizen's Militia

The Filtvelt Citizen's Militia consists of those former AFFS units that chose to join the Filtvelt Coalition. Initially the FCM was equipped with machines used by the Filtvelt Military Academy Training Battalion. This low level of equipment didn't lend itself to offensive operations or effective defense, so the Coalition government contracted The Thumpers to provide some heavy hitting power.

Between 3072 and 3075, the FCM consisted mostly of two battalions of 3025 era BattleMechs. Equipment for the armor and infantry units that supported these 'Mechs came from a Quikscell Company facility on Broken Wheel and a retired Ripper VTOL production line on Filtvelt.[5] In 3073 the Militia revealed that it had equipped two battalions of infantry with Inner Sphere Standard Battle Armor.

Late in 3075, nearly a third of the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia left their proto-state and joined the Filtvelt Coalition. This provided them with additional resources and several highly trained officers. As a result, the FCM can defend the Coalition very effectively from pirates but isn't equipped to invade anyone else.[6]

List of Named Military Units

  • First Filtvelt Citzen's Militia
  • Second Filtvelt Citizen's Militia
  • Third Filtvelt Citizen's Militia [7]


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