Fritz Voelker

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Fritz Voelker
Affiliation Northwind Highlanders


Fritz Voelker (b. ???? – d. 3028?) was a mercenary MechWarrior hired on to join the disastrous Capellan recon-in-force mission to Mira in April 3028. He had seen service on Mira twice before and his record was said to be impressive.

Captain Voelker was placed in charge of the mission force's Third Company. He piloted a Jenner that "had seen better days", in the words of his commanding officer, Ian Fraser.[1]

When the reconnaissance force came under fire on Mira, Voelker's company was tasked with holding off a flanking attack by mercenary hover tanks. His detachment soon began taking serious damage from the fast cavalry vehicles. Given orders by Major Fraser to have his 'Mechs fall back, Voelker admitted that his own Jenner was too badly hit to keep up with the others. He remained behind, intent on going down fighting.[2]

Fritz Voelker’s ultimate fate is unknown, but it is likely he perished in the jungles of Mira.


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