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(created by Skuggi)
  • BTW Admin.jpg


Note: reserved for future use (created by Skuggi)
  • BTW Advocate.jpg


Note: reserved for future use (created by Skuggi)

  • BTW Arbitrator.jpg


(Created by Mbear)
  • BTW EditorBar1.jpg
  • BTW EditorBar2.jpg
  • BTW EditorBar3.jpg
  • BTW EditorBar4.jpg
  • BTW EditorBar5.jpg
  • BTW EditorBar6.jpg


Note: reserved for Nicjansma (created by Skuggi)
  • BTW Founder.jpg


Note: reserved for future use (created by Skuggi)

  • BTW Moderator.jpg

Project: BattleMechs[edit]

(created by Skuggi)
  • BTW PLBattleMechs.jpg
  • BTW PMBattleMechs.jpg

Project: Planets[edit]

(created by Skuggi)
  • BTW PLPlanets.jpg
  • BTW PMPlanets.jpg

Project: Technology[edit]

(created by HikageMaru)
  • ProjectTech M1.jpg
  • ProjectTech M2.jpg
  • ProjectTech M3.jpg
  • ProjectTech M4.jpg
  • ProjectTech M5.jpg
  • ProjectTech M6.jpg
  • ProjectTech Lead.jpg

Sarna Forum Userbar[edit]

Note: regular-sized Userbar for forum use; advertise BattleTechWiki (created by HikageMaru)
  • BattletechWiki-Helm.jpg
Note: smaller scale to use on any forum you frequent; advertises BattleTechWiki (created by Skuggi)
  • Sarnabar2.gif