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HeavyMetal is a series of commercial software titles designed to complement the BattleTech boardgame. The software, developed by designer Rick Raisley and published by RCW Enterprises, assists the creation of custom units and maps for use in the game. Owing to its license, it is the only "official" software for this purpose.

A number of Record Sheets-type BattleTech publications by FanPro and later Catalyst Game Labs, both print and PDF, was made using HeavyMetal.[1]



  • HeavyMetal Pro, an application for designing BattleMechs, the predominant unit in BattleTech.
  • HeavyMetal Vee, for designing ground vehicles and naval units. Also able to create VTOL aircraft (helicopters).
  • HeavyMetal Lite, for designing ProtoMechs and printing record sheets for BattleArmor and infantry units.
  • HeavyMetal Aero, for designing spacecraft, aerospace units and conventional aircraft.
  • HeavyMetal Battle Armor, for designing BattleArmor units.
  • HeavyMetal Map, for creating printed, hex-based game maps.

An omnibus title, HeavyMetal Plus, includes Pro, Vee, Lite and Random Unit Selector.


  • Artillery Resolution Tracker
  • Random Unit Selector

Various datafiles and program updates are also freely available for download.


  1. according to this thread on the official BattleTech forum

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