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Production information
Manufacturer Technicron Manufacturing
Introduced 3058
Use Destroyer
Tech Base Star League
Cost 9,578,407,999 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 485,000
Length 450 m
Sail Diameter 1,060 m
Fuel 1,700 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2.5 g
Top Thrust 4 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 11
LF Battery Yes
Armament 8 x ER Large Lasers
8 x Large Lasers
2 x Large Pulse Lasers
4 x Anti-Missile Systems
2 x Gauss Rifles
16 x LRM-20s with Artemis IV FCS
6 x NAC/10s
12 x NAC/20s
10 x NL45s
3 x Light NPPCs
Armor Ferro-Aluminum
DropShip Capacity 2
Crew 230
Grav Decks 1 x 96 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 40
Heat Sinks 587
Structural Integrity 50
BV (1.0) 52,175
BV (2.0) 83,436[1]


One of the first generation of post-Succession Wars era WarShip designs produced, the Impavido-class destroyer is a joint collaboration between the Free Worlds League, Word of Blake and Capellan Confederation.

While much of the driving focus behind the WarShip build up of the Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine was the threat of the Clan fleets, for the League and Confederation it was the Federated Commonwealth and thus they designed the Impavido to primarily combat the Fox corvette.

Unable to yet produce WarShip on their own, the Free Worlds League constructed the vessels while the all important interplanetary drives were produced by the Capellan Confederation, both goals made possible with the technical expertise offered by the Word of Blake. However only six Impavidos were constructed prior to the collapse of detente between both nations, three for each state, where with further Blakist assistance the League and the Confederation turned to producing their own unique WarShip designs.


The Impavidos nose bay anti-fighter weaponry features twin Gauss Rifles, Artemis IV FCS equipped LRM-20s and Anti-Missile Systems along with a ER Large Laser paired with a standard Large Laser, while the capital grade firepower consists of twin NAC/20s, a NAC/10, NL45 and Light NPPC. The forward and aft angles each duplicate the nose bay, save for excluding Gauss Rifles, AMS and naval PPC. The Impavidos broadside bays are weak link of the vessel, limited to a ER and standard Large Laser, two LRM-20s, a Large Pulse Lasers, two NL45s and light naval PPC on each side. Even directly aft is better armed, removing the Gauss Rifles and naval PPCs but mirroring the impressive nose bays.


Even after including a Lithium-Fusion Battery, the Impavido carries a sizable 27,392 tons of cargo, supporting the vessel during long range patrol and raiding operations. The craft also includes provisions for 18 aerospace fighters along with its ability to carry two DropShips.

Named Vessels

Free Worlds League
  • FWLS Impavido[2] - Lead ship of the class, stationed in public view as example of technological advances of the League.
  • FWLS Phrygia[2] - Constructed at Brigadier Corporation's MacKenzie yards, shakedown revealed problems with the drive fittings which required the re-installation of the drive mounts.
Capellan Confederation
  • CCS Xizang [3] - The participated in the defense of Sian in 3068 and 3074 against Word of Blake Naval forces. The ship received moderate damage along with other Sian defenders.[4] The Xizang was the only Capellan Impavido to survive the Jihad.[5]
  • CCS Zhejiang[3] - Participated in the CCAF assault on New Syrtis, and was destroyed in the CCAF withdrawl.
  • CCS Anhui[3] - In 3068, with the Xizang, saw naval action in defense of Sian in 3068.[6] The ship was later destroyed in fighting over Necromo in 3071, just days before the planet's bombardment.[7]


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