JES II Strategic Missile Carrier

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JES II Strategic Missile Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer Joint Equipment Systems
Mission Fire Support
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 95 tons
Armor ArcShield Maxi IV
Engine 190 DAV Fusion Engine
Speed 32 kph km/h
Crew 7

4 x LRM 15s
2 x MML-9s
1 x ER Medium Laser

BV (2.0) 1,349 [1]


A modern take on the venerable SRM/ LRM Carriers, the JES II Strategic Missile Carrier was a common missile based fire support vehicle in use in the early 32nd Century.

Benefitting from the Ghost Bear Dominion's attempt to build bridges with Inner Sphere manufacturers within its borders, the near morbund and poorly regarded Joint Equipment Systems of Alshain was brought back from the brink. Producing Clan-grade vechiles for the Bears and export vehicles for Inner Sphere markets, the desperation of the Jihad only fueled their revival with buyers snapping up even its most disdaned products and providing funds to develop the JES II. Produced at JES facilities at Alshain and Panpour for general sale across the Inner Sphere, the bulk were bought by the Ghost Bear Dominion, Federated Suns and Republic of the Sphere to fill out their milita and defensive formations.

Despite carrying a Guardian ECM Suite and C3 Slave to enhance its protection and accuracy when firing from cover, the JES II was similar to the accient LRM/SRM carriers upon which it is based, its pedestiran ground speed and merely adquate ten and half tons of ArcShield Maxi IV standard armor made it easy prey in a direct confrontation.[1]


Closely matching more primative LRM Carriers, the JES II mounted four FarFire LRM-15 racks in its nose, supported by a pair of side-mounted FarFire MML-9 launchers. The advanced Multi-Missile Launchers allowed the crew to switch between adding to main launchers LRM fire or switch to SRMs if the enemy got to close. A massive eight ton ammo bay for the main launchers allowed them almost four minutes of continous fire, with the four ton configurable bays supplying the MML launchers most commonly divided between two tons of LRM and two tons of SRM reloads to make best use of the versatile launchers. A BlazeFire Longshot ER Medium Laser was added as an after-thought to the front of the vehicle, to act as a backup weapon as ammo runs low and as a deterrent to enemy infantry. [1]


  • Dominion - Not making use of the Spheroid C3 systems, JES II's purchased by the Ghost Bears dropped the C3 Slave for an extra ton of LRM reloads. [1]

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