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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Kaesong neighbouring systems
Kaesong neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 59.69:296.71[e]

Planet HistoryEdit

Since the late Third Succession War the world of Kaesong was part of Duke Hassid Ricol's duchy.[1]

Clan InvasionEdit

The planet was conquered by Clan Ghost Bear in December 3051, part of the fifth wave of the renewed Clan Invasion. Prior to the Ghost Bear's attack the Blue Lightning mercenary company was in-system but their JumpShip experienced technical difficulties, stranding them on the planet; when the planetary government pleaded with them to come to their aid, the mercenaries had little choice. This caused more harm than good though as, knowing they faced dezgra mercenaries, Star Colonel Dane Jorgensson skipped the bidding process entirely and sent in the elite Trinary Command of his 14th Battle Cluster to hunt the enemy down. They pursued Blue Lighting to the streets of Vedsan and destroyed the mercenaries utterly.[2]

Planetary LocationsEdit

  • Vedsan City[2]

Planetary GarrisonEdit



Owner HistoryEdit


The later published German edition of Decision at Thunder Rift translates Chekaar with Kaesong. Therefore the name Chekaar is likely related to this system.[1]

Nearby PlanetsEdit

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years).
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Sheliak 8.25 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Thessalonika 16.70 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Alshain 18.33 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Kempten 18.57 1 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Tinaca 25.67 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Radstadt 27.31 1 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CGB
Marawi 32.19 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Soverzene 34.48 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Vorarlberg 36.41 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CHH
Goito 39.52 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Gunzburg 48.16 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Spittal 48.25 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Mualang 48.49 2 DC DC DC DC CNC CNC DC
Sternwerde 48.69 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Stanzach 49.55 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CHH
Casere 50.85 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Halesowen 51.09 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Ardoz 53.14 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Memmingen 55.04 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Engadin 56.79 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CHH
Yamarovka 57.03 2 DC DC DC DC CSJ CSJ DC
Kiamba 58.52 2 DC DC DC DC CSJ CSJ DC
Skandia 58.94 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CGB
Maule 59.05 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Heiligendreuz 59.95 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW


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