Large Laser

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Large Laser
Production information
Type Energy Weapon
Tech Base Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Availability 2430
Technical specifications
Heat 8
Damage 8
Minimum Range n/a
Short Range 1-5
Medium Range 6-10
Long Range 11-15
Tons 5
Critical Slots 2
Ammo Per Ton n/a
Cost (unloaded) 100,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) n/a
BV (1.0) 124
BV (2.0) 123[1]


"Laser" stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation", or a device that focuses an amplified beam of light on a small surface area. Lasers cause damage by firing an intense beam of light at a target, flooding concentrated energy in the form of heat, which can melt material and overwhelm heat-sensitive electronics. The Large Laser increases the power of the beam, allowing it to reach to further ranges and cause more damage. However, the increased bulk and heat generation limits the weapon to ground vehicles, aircraft, and 'Mechs. The type was first introduced by the Terran Hegemony in 2430.


The Large Laser is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
BlazeFire Systems New Syrtis Johnston Industries
Bulldog Ingersoll Bulldog Enterprises
Bulldog Proserpina Bulldog Enterprises
ChisComp 43 Special New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs
Cyclops Eye Skye Cyclops Incorporated
Defiance B3L Hesperus II Defiance Industries
Diverse Optics Type 30 Kessel Diverse Optics Incorporated
Exostar Delavan Dynamico Limited
Firmir MaxiLase Betelgeuse Firmir Weaponry
Krupp Model 32 Mars Krupp Stellar Technologies Inc.
Magna Mk III Lopez Magna
Magna Mk III Mars General Mechanics
Magna Mk III Pandora Red Devil Industries
Maxell SR Mars Wangker Aerospace
Nightwind Loxley Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated
RAMTech 1200 New Kyoto RAMTech Industries
Redbeam n/a Lushann Industrials Limited
Sunglow Outreach Blackwell Heavy Industries
Sunglow Type 2 Detroit Detroit Consolidated MechWorks
Sunglow Type 2 Sterope Sterope Defense Industries
Wu Heavy Capricorn III Wu Industries


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