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The BattleTech Line Developer is the lead developer and director of the BattleTech tabletop universe.

Overseeing things from start to finish, the Line Developer solicits and manages the efforts of the writers and artists, freelance or otherwise, who produce the physical books and PDFs of BattleTech. While generally operating in concert and collaboration with a variety of elements on the creative team, the Lead Developer is also effectively the final word in the BattleTech universe and its canon, ultimately determining the overall direction and tone of its books and storyline.

In the current Internet era the Line Developer is also an increasingly accessible means of seeking canon clarifications via either the Ask the Lead Developers or Ask the Writers sections on the BattleTech Forums.

The most recent BattleTech Line Developer was Herbert A. Beas II, who has held the position from August 2007 to August 2013, with his assistant line developer being Ben Rome. Beas was the assistant line developer to and succeeded Randall Bills, who held the BattleTech Line Developer position from the formation of FanPro in 2001. Bills replaced Bryan Nystul, who had the served as primary BattleTech Line Developer for the bulk of FASA's reign.

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