MechWarrior: Dark Age Collectable Miniatures Game

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MechWarrior: Dark Age (Retitles for its second major expansion as Age of Destruction) was a tabletop wargame by WizKids based on the BattleTech universe, that used the Clix system. The miniatures were pre-painted models of infantry squads, Battle Armour, vehicles, and BattleMechs.

The game was mainly purchased in blind booster packs (similar to Magic: The Gathering), but pre-packaged "Action Packs" also existed with units gathered around a common theme. Outside of direct purchasing, trade is the most common option for aquiring figures, followed by purchases on eBay. There are units that were only acquired through trade or send-aways, such as the Battleforces and the Designer Series Mechs and pilots.

There were several factions to collect, and many are interconnected by alliances and other relations.

Game Factions

The following factions were present in the game:

In addition, mercenary units were also present in the game; these units were represented by figures with no affiliation on their base.

Game History

Over time, these factions acquired their own particular style of play. For example, the repairability of the Bannson's Raiders units lend themselves to quick strikes followed by a retreat.

Three factions (House Liao, Clan Jade Falcon, and Clan Sea Fox) have inherent abilities not stated on their figures. Examples of these abilities include improved damage to elite or novice enemies, better targeting through forests, improved jumping attacks, or gaining the ability to deprive an enemy player of an order. This concept has been extended in later expansions by the addition of faction pride cards and special pilot abilities. Starting in January 2006, the factions abilities for House Liao, Clan Jade Falcon, and Clan Sea Fox were replaced with faction pride cards.

One of the most interesting aspects of MechWarrior: Dark Age is its relation to the Classic BattleTech game. In the first expansions of the game, Wizkids tried to make MW:DA a simplified version of BattleTech, with many of the 'Mechs capable of being easily converted to their pen and paper BattleTech equivalents. With the release of Age of Destruction, though, Wizkids, starting developing new 'Mechs no longer based in the Classic Battletech conception of a 'Mech. For example, while the Shen Yi of older expansions had a card that assisted in translating it into a Classic Battletech 'Mech, the new Shiro is not strictly compatible as a Classic BattleTech 'Mech. While many fans of the game applaud the creativity Wizkids has in making 'Mechs outside the box, a fair number of fans were very dissatisfied with departure from the traditional rules regarding 'Mech design.

MechWarrior: Age of Destruction introduced new rules and new mechanics to the game, most notably the pilots and gear data cards. These cards are included with the booster packs, and improve any 'Mech they are attached to. This also introduced Gunslingers, mercenary pilots with preferred 'Mechs that can be "recruited" to all, or most, factions. They have become common prizes at sanctioned tournaments.

As of MechWarrior: Age of Destruction, many of the older factions have been absorbed into their larger "parent" Houses or Clans.


The MechWarrior: Dark Age game also has associated fiction set in the Dark Age era of the Battletech universe. Below is a list of titles that have been released with novel #30 being the last of this current line:

  1. Ghost War, Michael A. Stackpole
  2. A Call to Arms, Loren L. Coleman
  3. Ruins of Power, Robert E. Vardeman
  4. A Silence in the Heavens, Martin Delrio (Book One of The Proving Grounds trilogy)
  5. Truth and Shadows, Martin Delrio (Book Two of The Proving Grounds trilogy)
  6. Service for the Dead, Martin Delrio (Book Three of The Proving Grounds trilogy)
  7. By Temptations and By War, Loren L. Coleman
  8. Fortress of Lies, J. Steven York
  9. Patriot's Stand, Mike Moscoe
  10. Flight of the Falcon, Victor Milan
  11. Blood of the Isle, Loren L. Coleman
  12. Hunters of the Deep, Randall N. Bills
  13. The Scorpion Jar, Jason M. Hardy
  14. Target of Opportunity, Blaine Lee Pardoe
  15. Sword of Sedition, Loren L. Coleman
  16. Daughter of the Dragon, Ilsa J. Bick
  17. Heretic's Faith, Randall N. Bills
  18. Fortress Republic, Loren L. Coleman
  19. Blood Avatar, Ilsa J. Bick
  20. Trial by Chaos, J. Steven York
  21. Principles of Desolation, Jason M. Hardy and Randall N. Bills
  22. Wolf Hunters, Kevin Killiany
  23. Surrender Your Dreams, Blaine Lee Pardoe
  24. Dragon Rising, Ilsa J. Bick
  25. Masters of War, Michael A. Stackpole
  26. A Rending of Falcons, Victor Milan
  27. Pandora's Gambit, Randall N. Bills
  28. Fire at Will, Blaine Lee Pardoe
  29. The Last Charge, Jason M. Hardy
  30. To Ride the Chimera, Kevin Killiany
  31. A Bonfire of Worlds, Steven Mohan Jr.