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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Soyal


The FWLS Mithuna was a member of the Soyal-class of Heavy Cruisers constructed by Delhi WarShips.[1] She was among the limited few of the Soyal-Class which were ordered by the Free Worlds League. The League in turn had ordered her among her other sister ships due to the Capellan Confederation's first order of the ship and its powerful but unsteady Mass Driver.

The Mithuna is known only to have seen action during the intense opening years of the First Succession War. She participated as a fighting ship during the League's offensive against the Capellan Confederation. The ship was assigned to a League Naval Task force that would provide naval support in League gains of captured Capellan worlds. As part of its assignment the ship was used to escort the League's only Samarkand-Class AeroSpace Carrier, Chronos with its sister ship, the Kumbha during the years 2788-89.

During the conflict, the flotilla which Mithuna would be reassigned to acted as a retribution force. The ship conducted deep raids into the interior of the Confederation as part of revenge for the slaughter of Free World League forces on New Delos in April of 2788. During these years the ship conducted bombardment of many of the Capellan worlds such as Ingersoll, Corey, and Wazan. At Ingersoll, the ship along with its flotilla mates devastated the planet's major cities with nuclear weaponry. At Corey and Wazen, the ship would help capture these worlds for a brief time during the early years of the war.[2]

Like all WarShips, the ship would be lost in the fighting of the early Succession Wars Era. Many of her sister ships of the Soyal-Class were lost due to inherited design flaws due to limited weaponry layout especially in its aft quarters of the ship.[3]


  • As of this writing, there is limited information regarding other actions of the Mithuna during the First Succession War. The Ship article on the Soyal-Class, notes the ships that were built all were lost during the Succession Wars due to its deficient ship design.


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