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Neveron is a free MMOG, based on BattleTech. Its most prominent feature is its rapid and sometimes unpredictable changeability.

With Neveron, the basics are that players build a futuristic empire set loosely in the BattleTech universe. Cities are populated with industrial plants and R&D centers. Players train and control an army of BattleMechs, tanks, and infantry to fight enemies. With time and experience, players have options to research new technologies including basic assault rifles, components of the largest weapons, vehicles and eventually, 'Mechs. Once blueprints are drawn up, players can tool production facilities and begin churning out weapons of war for themselves and allies.

However, to survive in the game, the player must learn to fight and win. To excel, players must learn to navigate a political labyrinth of alliances and deception.

Hundreds of people play Neveron, representing dozens of interests, objectives and goals. The aim of the game is for players to find their own interests, objectives, and goals, and further them.

Neveron uses modified tech level 1, modifications include:

  • a special kind of artillery, the indirect fire cannon.
  • limited higher level technology (available to donaters only).
  • many 'Mechs and vehicles that are not within the BattleTech universe.



The objective in Neveron is up to the player. For some, it is the creation of a high speed, low drag, killing machine or to field elite BattleMechs supported by assault tanks to destroy opponents. Other players aim for research and development, with staggered project goals that increase in cost and complexity or producing the tanks and weapons that others use to fight and die. Some players play the political arena and begin weaving webs of intrigue, deception, and manipulation.


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