Night Wolf

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Night Wolf.jpg
Night Wolf
Production information
Manufacturer W-7 Facilities
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 90 tons
Chassis DSAM Endo 4
Armor Compound 12B2 Standard
Engine 360 XL
Speed 64 km/h
Jump Jets Grandthrust Mk. 5

1 x Heavy Large Laser
1 x Plasma Cannon
1 x ER Medium Laser
2 x ATM 9 Launchers

BV (2.0) 2,878[1]


The Night Wolf is a Clan Wolf Assault BattleMech produced by 3085 on Weingarten. The design was created by the Wolves as a practical means to deal with the new Combined Arms strategies employed by its opponents. The Night Wolf is meant as replacement assault 'Mech for its 2nd Line Units which needed to replenish the aging designs in their ranks.

The 'Mech is not considered very fast, but its jump jets make it mobile enough to handle most contemporaries on the battlefield. Using a 360 Rated Extra Light Fusion Engine, the design is able to afford a large array of weaponry. Due to use of Standard Armor, its armor protection is considered to be less than other Clan 'Mechs. However, its 15.5 tons of armor coverage is considered strong enough for normal encounters. To help deal with more sophisticated electronics that may be employed against it, the 'Mech has been fitted with a Guardian ECM Suite.[2]


The 'Mech has a wide spread of weaponry, which includes a Heavy Large Laser in the right torso and an ER Medium Laser in its right arm. To alleviate the targeting issues caused by the Heavy Laser, the 'Mech has been fitted with a Targeting Computer. For ranged attacks, the 'Mech utilizes a pair of ATM 9 Launchers mounted in both of the 'Mechs' arms. To help deal with the advent of increased conventional vehicles and infantry forces, the 'Mechs left arm is fitted with a Plasma Cannon. As a final defensive precaution, an Anti-Missile System is situated on the 'Mech's head to take down incoming missile fire.[3]




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