Periphery March (Federated Commonwealth)

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The Periphery March was a military region of the combined Federated Commonwealth, based in the Lyran half of the super-state.


After the setbacks during the War of 3039, the Federated Commonwealth decided to completely reorganize its military into a single entity, the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth.[1] To that end, portions of the Coventry and Alarion Provinces were reorganized into a single military March. The new March included much of the Lyran half of the Commonwealth's border with the Periphery, as well as a significant portion of the Free Worlds League. The Periphery March was broken up into the Timbuktu Theater (Venaria Operations Area) and the Main Street Theater (Tsarahavana Operations Area).[2] Most of the worlds of the March had originally been part of the Rim Worlds Republic prior to being annexed by the Commonwealth before the First Succession War.[3] The troops stationed in the March were primarily focused with defending against pirate attacks from the Periphery.

Periphery March Militia

The creation of the Periphery March also led to the creation of the Periphery March Militia brigade, created along the same organizational lines as the AFFS March Militias.[2] By 3050, this brigade consisted of the following:

Clan Invasion

By the time of the Clan Invasion in 3050, the Periphery March was garrisoned by 19 BattleMech regiments and RCTs, as well as the Buena War College Training Battalion. The March was commanded by Marshal Mils Steiner-Davis.[2]

By 3054, the March was still commanded by Nils Steiner-Davis. Although not directly attacked during the conflict, the March now found itself only a few jumps from the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone border. It is perhaps because of this that the March's strength was reduced by a modest three regiments.[4]

In 3057, Katherine Steiner-Davion claimed the title of Archon and severed the Lyran half of the Commonwealth, renaming it the Lyran Alliance and abandoning the AFFC. With this move, the Periphery March was dissolved, with the Periphery March Militia was reorganized into the new Province Militias.

Periphery March Historical Maps

Tsarahavana Operational Area

Venaria Operational Area


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