Retro-Streak Warhead



The Retro-Streak Warhead was designed to confuse standard Streak missiles, preventing them from successfully engaging a target. Any 'Mech equipped with a Retro-Streak system that was attacked by a Streak launcher would fire a counter-missile salvo. The incoming Streak rounds would see the Retro-Streak salvo and follow it instead of hitting the target.

As it had absolutely no effect on other incoming missile types and took up twice the space of standard warheads,[1] by the late 3050's most armies had canceled their Retro-Streak warhead programs in favor of the Anti-Missile System, Guardian ECM Suite and Stealth Armor systems that were effective against a multitude of weapons and sensors.


Game RulesEdit

In game terms, the Retro-Streak system would cause any Streak missiles to lose their automatic lock. They would have to roll against the Missile To-Hit table like normal SRMs, and apply a -2 modifier as well. This could lead to all Streak missiles missing the target.[1]


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