Richard Cameron

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First Lord Richard Cameron II

Richard Cameron (b. 9 February 2744 - d. 27 December 2766) was the 6th and last First Lord of the Star League under the Cameron bloodline.[1]


Due to his succeeding his father at a young age, Aleksandr Kerensky served as his regent until he came of age. During this time, the high council diluted the First Lord's power. When he came of age, his actions and assassination led to the collapse of the Star League. One of his first pieces of legislation was Executive Order 156. The protests of the council, combined with a lifetime of manipulation by Amaris, led to his reign becoming increasingly despotic in nature. In 2763, he passed the Taxation Edict, which increased the already oppressive tax burden on the Periphery. He ordered General Kerensky to enforce this edict with his troops.[citation needed]

Preceded by
Simon Cameron
First Lord of the Star League

Succeeded by
Sun-Tzu Liao


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