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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -75.481 : -321.579[e]

Planetary GarrisonEdit

Owner HistoryEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

First Succession WarEdit

Captain-General Kenyon Marik launched an invasion of the Capellan Confederation in 2787, targetting worlds in a corridor leading towards Sarna; the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces resisted and launched counterattacks for the next two years, blockading captured worlds, until the CCAF took heavy losses in the Calloway VI sytem. The attack on Calloway VI had been ordered by Chancellor Barbara Liao but had been anticipated by Kenyon Marik, who had deployed contingents from the Stewart Dragoons and Fusiliers of Oriente to patrol in the system for just such an attack; the losses forced the CCAF onto the defensive, and led to Kenyon opening a second front against the Confederation. That front was a direct invasion of the Andurien worlds, beginning with Andurien itself; Ingonish fell next, and by 2793 the FWLM had also captured Ryerson before a Capellan counterattack forced Kenyon to concentrate on holding his gains.[12]

Second Succession WarEdit

During a lull in the conflict in 2863 that presaged the eventual armistice Captain-General Philippa Marik - who had assumed the title after the death of her brother Gerald in 2861 - came under increasing pressure to disband part of the Free Worlds League Military to allow funding to be redirected to reconstruct the League's damaged industrial base, and to relinquish the powers available to her under Resolution 288. Philippa resisted both calls, but did dispatch some of her surviving enclaves of scientists to Ryerson to help rebuild the industrial base there, as well as to the worlds of Andurien, Danais and Rochelle. Ryerson - like Andurien and Danais - underwent a remarkable level of recovery as a result, and would remain an economically viable world into the thirty-first century entirely because of the assistance received.[38]

Nearby PlanetsEdit


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