Tanite Worlds

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The Tanite Civilization is a trio of Star League-era colony worlds - Tanis, Alexandria (distinct from the Inner Sphere Alexandria), and Stacha - located within the deep periphery, coreward of the Veil of the Protector. The Tanite worlds are approximately 5 light years removed from the Exodus Road of Aleksandr Kerensky, and 50 light years spinward of the Pentagon Worlds.

The Tanite worlds were discovered by the Clan Cloud Cobra exploration vessel Thoth in 2965. At first, the Tanites peacefully traded with the Cloud Cobras. Some time later, the Cloud Cobras, with the assistance of Clan Burrock, subjugated the Tanites, and have maintained a constant garrison since.

Upon the Burrock Absorption by Clan Star Adder, the Cobras have maintained mixed garrisons with the Star Adders. As a result, relations between these two Clans has become increasingly cordial.