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Nic JansmaAdministrator
10/25/14 12:53 PM

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Hi everyone,

BobTheZombie had a recommendation that I would like to discuss: a real-time chat for Sarna.

There are a couple reasons to do this. Real-time chat:
1) Increases ways for people to communicate
2) Is a good way to resolve issues quickly (e.g. instead of waiting for forum posts)
3) Can increase the community interaction

We have some options for this:

Create a new #Sarna channel on one of the IRC networks. We can provide a web-frontend for people without an IRC client (such as mIRC).

We don't need to build any infrastructure for it, it already exists
IRC is well-established
There is a bit of BT discussion already on the Rizon IRC network under #BattleTech:

No logging
No search
No reviewing previous conversations
If you're not online, you miss the discussion
Web interfaces are kinda ugly in general

HipChat is a modern communication tool, like IRC:

Give it a try:

We can use the free version.

Everything persists
Screen sharing
Drag-drop file sharing
Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS clients

I think the interface is kinda ugly
Users must create accounts before joining
Reliant upon HipChat

Slack is similar to HipChat. We can use the free version. I'm using the paid version for work and love it.

Send me your email and I'll invite you in.

Everything same as HipChat
I think it's a bit nicer looking than HipChat

Users have to be invited in, we can't just share a "Join me" URL
Reliant on Slack

Those are the options I've found so far. Any others?

The downsides to having a Real-Time chat in general is:
1) It fractures the discussions even further between the wiki, forums and IRC
2) Extra maintenance / overhead
3) Integrating the log-ins is probably either hard or impossible (it already sucks the wiki and forums aren't integrated)
4) Keeping a good log that you can review / search isn't possible with some of the systems

10/26/14 08:29 PM

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I think without people using their handles here, it would be difficult to determine who says what. And without starting here, someone could use false handles to start crap. Now I am not saying they will, just could.

I can see where trying to program it will not be fine at all and very time consuming since I am sure you have other things to do then give us a place to curse each other out live.

And hate to say it, keeping logs of conversations to avoid the he said, she said issues will be a pain.

I like the idea, as I do see a few people on from time to time and seem to get to writing alot of spam myself talking with them about a subject, but then some of the questions asked are legit the may have others wondering about them.

The log in is an issue. I was going to suggest making everyone log in to use it, but that is garbage if a simple look over is wanted by a new person. I know I do not log into every web site that asked me to. Most the time I just leave it and never come back.

Thoughts are about all that can be suggested, since you are the one that ultimately needs to decide if it is worth the effort or not.

I do say everyone that logs in regularly even if it's just to read the new stuff get up some opinions here.
07/04/17 09:10 AM

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Discord maybe better choice of venues to talk in real time without having download anything and keep their identities safe.
When it hits the fan, make sure your locked, loaded, and ready to go!
07/10/17 12:31 AM

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Facebook messenger is an option or Skype since it has conference call mode

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
07/10/17 08:54 AM

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After giving the idea a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that I very much prefer talk pages. Whenever something is important enough to be deliberated among users, it should be on a talk page.
Nic JansmaAdministrator
02/06/18 10:29 PM

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I agree with you Frabby -- it's good to keep discussions "close to the source".
-- NicJ
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