Average missile launcher damage

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08/24/19 08:00 AM

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First off, here is what I have determined to be the average damage of a missile salvo:

SRM-2 damage: 2.8 (min, 2; max, 4)
SRM-4 damage: 5.3 (min, 2; max, 8)
SRM-6 damage: 8 (min, 4; max, 12)
LRM-5 damage: 3.2 (min, 1; max, 5)
LRM-10 damage: 6.3 (min, 3; max, 10)
LRM-20 damage: 12.7 (min, 6; max, 20)

I calculated these based on the chances to roll damage, adding up the odds for each possibility. For example, the possibilities for an SRM-4 are:

2.8% 1 missile hit
38.9% 2 missiles hit
50% 3 missiles hit
8.3% 4 missiles hit

If these findings are correct, then consider an SRM-4 vs a Medium Laser:

SRM-4: 5.3 damage, 2 tons plus 1 for ammo, 1 crit plus 1 for ammo, 3 heat
Medium Laser: 5 damage, 1 ton, 1 crit, 3 heat

LRMs seem to fare much better. Compared to things like the ER PPC and ER Large Laser, they do their damage without much heat, and allow indirect fire as well.

I was looking at the Jenner and its variants, and how the missile launcher and its ammo cost 3 tons. Ammo can explode, and the ‘Mech runs hot as it is. Dropping that launcher for three more heat sinks would allow all 4 medium lasers to fire each turn with no heat cost. Even with base-tech, that’s infinite alpha-strikes.
09/02/19 10:32 AM

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I have always thought that the missile damage just did not fit... It's the only system with variable damage.

I've often wondered if it would not be easiest to just assign each missile with a fixed damage based on an assumed die roll of "7".

SRM 2: 2 dmg
SRM 4: 6 dmg
SRM 6: 4 dmg

LRM 5: 3 dmg
LRM 10: 6 dmg
LRM 15: 9 dmg
LRM 20: 12 dmg

Might make things run a bit faster.
09/02/19 02:09 PM

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That could work as a house rule to speed up your home game. How would you handle AMS?
09/02/19 09:24 PM

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There's a lot more weapons and systems with variable damage than just SRMs/LRMs: LB-X cluster rounds, UACs, RACs, MRMs, Mech Mortars, Rocket Launchers, basically everything associated with Infantry... But yes, assuming an average roll of 7 would make things faster.
09/03/19 01:59 AM

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There is one small thing that needs to be pointed out with the srm damages.
The 4 pack does 6 points, and the 6 pack does 4.
That just sounds a bit backwards, but I don't doubt the stupidity of the facts.

I do agree that missiles were problematic. You roll to hit, then roll to see how many actually do damage. I understand the need for some variation, but it put me off of using them. It was bad enough to roll a hit at times, but then to roll 6 points with an lrm 20? Just made it not worth the effort, or so in my opinion.

I do think the initial damage idea is dealing with the original sets of missiles.
As FCS, streak, guided and others change the results as well.
And if you really wanted to be picky, the arrow missiles would have to be brought up as well.
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