ALTERNATIVE HISTORY - Reunification War – Magistracy of Canopus

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Chapter 10A. – The Battle of Chirikof

Exiting their jump and into the Chirikof system via pirate point the combined Syrtis / Battle Doll Naval Fleet came through in waves, from their frigates to their cruisers / pocket battleships and finally their carriers and their mass aerospace fighter wings which were escorting shuttles with their complement of marines ….

Caught unaware with just a small picket force ….. Davion forces were left scrambling in an attempt to coordinate a defence line …. while it quickly became evident that the largest capitol ships as well as any defensive weapons built into the station, that could be designated as a serious threat, were their primary targets …. utilizing strategic targeting initially upon the ships rear or their bridge Davion forces were quickly reduced in number as bay doors were blown open allowing Syrtis marine forces access ….

In less than two hours the Battle was over – as Syrtis ground forces began their decent to the planet below and the remaining Davion forces on the planet below ….

Those ships situated close to the Jump-points were quick to realize by the time they reached Chirikof the battle would be over a week old – thus the best course of action was to retreat ….

With the onset of war upon the alpine world of Chirikof Davion forces immediately retreated to their defensive positions, in the anticipation of a long siege campaign – until a relief force could be sent to evacuate them. Adequate preparations, such as the distribution of necessary supplies including warm clothing, the winterization of vehicles and lubricants, and the adequate supply of food and ammunition had been made, prior to the invasion, to their multiple defensive fortifications – placing them in a strong defensive position because of their ability to maintain warmth and protection.

Whist the attacking Syrtis, and their Battle Dolls allies, attacking in the cold resulted in restricted mobility and logistical support due to the snow – requiring plowing or compacting it to accommodate wide tracked vehicles. Infantry movement in deep snow required skis or snowshoes to avoid exhaustion.

It was quickly made evident that sound carries well over crusted snow, diminishing the element of surprise as well as the rapid removal of wounded from any battlefield to ensure their survival in the cold.

The decision was therefore made to destroy these fortifications one at a time by bringing the full weight of the Syrtis forces down upon them. Thus the battles were soon characterised by unprecedented ferocity, wholesale destruction in order to determine the outcome as the envelopment of individual fortifications continued.

By the six month state it appeared a Davion relief force had arrived for their beleaguered forces. However, as the Syrtis forces managed to move quickly and cut the main Davion forces from their Drop-ships this ensured only a small force was finally able to evacuate …

<Nt. Will explain the evacuation attempt within the next chapter …….>

Those remaining Davon forces soon found the Syrtis forces had consolidated their positions ….. resulting in encirclement of their final forces. On March 31, 2590, the sole remaining Davion General surrendered, the Battle of Chirikof was over.
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Chapter 10B. – Relief force …

Former SLDF Admiral Janissa Franklin – currently accepted into the FS Navy as a Task Force Admiral (including the former SLDF naval ships that came with her) - once a wanted war criminal – now beyond the jurisdiction of the Star League and the Marshals, who’s duty it was to impose peace upon a fractious and belligerent Inner Sphere ….

With news of Chirikof’s fleet and space station’s capture and the planet’s subsequent invasion the decision was made to send a fleet to rescue any remaining forces …. However due to the number of battles being undertaken throughout the Federated Suns – with Admiral Janissa Franklin’s fleet arrival they provided the Davion forces a secondary relief force from which to draw upon …

Her plan and execution was simple …. Arrive in one large fleet (in reality there would be two attack groups), whereby, the larger warships cruiser class and above are initially in the vanguard – giving all the appearance as an attack group upon the space station – though in reality this is just a feint, whist they are moving at a slower velocity they engage the defensive force whilst the second force, the frigates and merchantmen, will at the last minute will increase their velocity, above that of the cruiser force, in order to carefully time their approach to overtake the cruisers who are now acting as their shield …

Both forces however will utilise the gravitational attraction to grab some of the momentum of the planet in order to slingshot these ships … as they pass over the head of the besieged Davion forces the frigates and merchantmen will utilize their booms to reach out and capture any evacuating Davion Drop-ship at the rendezvous point in order to evacuate these forces ….

The trick is, once evacuated the slingshot as well as their natural speed of the frigates and merchantmen would enable them to remain in advance of any pursuit force until they are able to reach the jump point at which time they would be able to jump out of the system. However, the cruiser force would have to fight their way out and depending upon the remaining garrison forces they would have to continue to act as a rear guard shield until all the forces are able to jump, casualties would be expected

On the day, however, only a third of the total remaining forces were able to evacuate off world as the majority of drop-ships were under siege / captured due to being a primary target of the invading force …
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Chapter 11 Broken Blade

<Nt. Though it may appear as though the true purpose of the invasion is to conquer Beten Kaitos, and in so doing separate Corworld Combat Theatre from their supply line, the true purpose is to take over the mines as the Davion military industrial complexes are suffering shortages.>

With the battle of Beten Kaitos stalled for past six months within (and around) the main open cut mine the Davion high command have dispatched the 1st Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry RCT as reinforcements in order get the battle progressing once more toward the capital.

The Syrtis forces, however, have formed a specialist assassin Lance ….

Unknown to the main Syrtis forces the key right flank defence force are ambushed by the newly arrived 3rd Batt. Of the Armoured Cavalry RCT, led by Colonel Louis Davion, thus as the battle continues the loss of their flanking units forces the remaining Syrtis forces to retreat into a valley where they finally regroup despite the loss of many BattleMechs.

The decision is made to retreat to Delphine, the Capital, …. with the arrival of the entire Davion forces the final battle commences in a street by street fight as the Syrtis forces begin to retreat ….

During the battle the Syrtis assassin Lance is able to identify Louis’ BattleMech where they bait him into attacking … thus separating him from his unit ….

When all hope appears to be lost for the Syrtis forces Dropships appear over head where jump capable Mechs begin hot-dropping into Delphine - whist others land just outside the city, and begin unloading their forces ….. <Nt. upon closer inspection of their unit emblems it is realized that they are either that of the Terran Brigade or the Syrtis Fusiliers – where years earlier Alexander transferred them wholesale into the SLDF as part of the Federated Suns contribution to the forming Star League in order to be rid of them, have returned.>

The battle shifts unexpectedly to that of Syrtis forces …. as it soon becomes evident to everyone that Louis Davion’s Assault Mech is engaged against a lance Medium Mechs with an open park area … moments later his Mech erupts in an ammunition explosion ….

With Louis dead, Davion forces immediately begin to retreat ending the Battle.

In the aftermath a Syrtis forces vehicle can seen driving with a white flag adorned with a red S toward the remaining Davion forces – after providing them with the casket containing Louis’ body their drop-ships evacuate the planet.

Whist on New Avalon …. Mid 2590 …. A Dark Wedding

In order to consolidate Nicholas’ future ambitions to overthrow the current leadership of the Star League and return it to his family …. in return for Alexander Davion’s assistance it was ‘proposed’ to
Nicholas Cameron (34 yrs) that he wed Veronica Davion (40 yrs), and in so doing combine the Cameron and Davion Houses in secret. (Ensuring the other houses as well as the Star League do not act upon the merging of these two houses during the Civil War to ensure there is no issue.)

During the honeymoon, however, with the notification of her older brother’s death at the hands of renegade forces …. Their honeymoon was cut short whilst Nicholas and Alexander planned their revenge ……
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Chapter 12 – TALON

The Battles of Talon took place between the 4 September - 27 November 2590 within the Wernke system, in the proximity of / and on the lunar moon itself for Kallon Industries. Whereby the attacking Davion Navy fleet, under Admiral Janissa Franklin, including the new Kitty Hawk Class Carrier, Enterprise and her 192 aerospace fighters and their new aerospace fighter ship-killer missile - Messina were engaged in major naval battle against the Syrtis Admiral Margarite “that she-devil” Halsey and her defending fleet, including two New Syrtis Class Carrier, Cassandra Varnay and Princess of Syrtis, and their 120 aerospace fighters each – together with their two new Pocket Battleship Vanguard Class Warships and the new aerospace fighter ship-killer missile - Poseidon.

The operation sought to capture one of the Syrtis primary BattleMech Manufacturing facilities upon Talon (in addition with multiple other assaults on other worlds) and thereby eliminate further assaults into Davion space for the foreseeable future / even allowing the Davion Military to once more go on the offensive …. and possibly luring Syrtis carriers into a trap in order to dominate future naval engagements …. thus ensure Davion dominance in the ongoing war.

On 4 September December Davion forces successfully translated into the system and were able initiate a surprise attack by aerospace fighters from the fleet carrier Enterprise upon picket ships. Now aware of the presence of the enemy carrier(s) in the area a message was quickly dispatched to their Aviso message dispatch ship – which would relay a message to their regional garrison - whist at the same time their fleet would be pulled back in order to safeguard Talon.

As the Davion forces advanced toward Talon both sides launched airstrikes followed by naval warship strikes - Kallon Industries initiated strikes through their capital missile and embedded Naval weapons in an effort to restrict their naval forces movement towards the facility ….

Then to the surprise of Syrtis forces a single specialist warship the Ticonderoga (an “amphibious warfare ship”), whist surrounded by numerous spheroid drop-ships performed the unthinkable …. Due to the reduced gravity upon the moon the warship not only reduced its proximity to the surface, by coming in under the guns, it landed upon the moon (within a vast crater) with specially constructed VTOL thrusters built into the superstructure of the ship, whilst the spheroid drop-ships took up a perimeter surrounding the crater and in so doing turning their landing zone into a fortress … to which their ground forces embarked …

Whilst a secondary Davion force began their planetary invasion of Wernke, their operational directive -cut Talon’s supply lines – however due to the nature of the vast number of warehouses and collection points as well as the number of regular military forces upon the planet it soon became obvious that any attempt to cut the supply lines on world was a fools errand – as such they were quickly evaculated.

Due to the rotation of the moon, however, any land battle upon the surface of Talon was reduced to 6 hours in every 36 due to the extreme temperature shift between the night and day.

Initial lunar battles between the Davion and the Syrtis forces favoured the Kallon Industries security forces though the Davion forces were quick to adapt … as specialist tanks and BattleMechs on both sides fought back and forth whist capital missles exploded around them and AA guns attempted to restrict fighter bombers as mass fighter duels fought over head …..

At the same time the two fleets continued their dance of death, in an attempt to hold the special position between Wernke and that of Talon - (again in order to ensure defend / cut the logistical supply lines from both Wernke and to Ticonderoga) - firing at extreme range whilst fighters (armed with their respective ship-killer missiles attempted to penetrate their oppositions fighter screen and anti-aerospace fighter warship guns and missiles in an attempt to reach their quarry …..

As the battles continued both sides called for reinforcements, as the damage on both sides increased, and in order to break the current naval deadlock …..

<Twist of Fate: During a break in battle a lance of Mech-Warriors visit a local pub – between drinks they discuss the state of war and the difficulty in attacking “Fortress Ticonderoga” – sitting at the end of the bar however is a crusty old man listening to the young warriors when he realizes where they are discussing the fortress is ….. to this the old man inform them that there is an old disused mining shaft that runs very close to this fortress … The discovery of this mining tunnel that runs near to the enemy encampment –miners and engineers are drafted into reactivating the tunnel and creating a spur to the enemy Fortress.>

The Battles continue on until Mid November …..with the arrival of the two new Vanguard class pocket battleships (crewed mainly by recent graduates of the academy) … whist at the same time as the regular corporate jump and drop ships …. Admiral Margarite “that she-devil” Halsey realizes she is now in possession of the two ships she needs to finally destroy Admiral Janissa Franklin’s fleet …

26 November – The Final battles

Land Battle
With the days battle almost one third over a huge explosion rips through the crater near to the Ticonderoga’s hull through which special infantry forces emerge with specialist vehicles allowing them to create docking collars upon the hulls air locks, and in so doing allow their infantry to begin a deck by deck assault of the warship … in due time the ship as well as its weapon systems fall to them …. As such the Drop-ships ringing the crater now find themselves in a perilous position as the Ticonderoga’s secondary guns are turned on them …. Thus their only recourse is to escape, first to rendezvous points to evacuate the ground forces, and from there onto their fleet ….

Naval Battle
Calling for a ‘false’ supply run of drop-ships as bait, whist sending out her aerospace AWACS assets to locate the enemy fleet, the two Admirals engage in battle once more …. Halsey ordered her squadron toward the most logical shipping route, and therefore the point where Frankin’s raiders could do the most damage to enemy shipping.

The Syrtis combat instructions for engaging Frankin’s raiders squadron (which had been devised by Halsey during their many engagements) specified an attack at once - assembled forces initiated the battle …. mass fighters and fighter bombers (with ship-killer missiles) were dispatched whist for the first time her squadron drove forward (rather than keeping at extreme range) – However the two new pocket battleships (containing new energy naval weapons whose range was greater than any before) attacked on second side. Halsey hoped by dividing the enemy’s fire, reducing its effectiveness, or keep them focussed on one opponent, allowed the other vessels to attack with reduced return fire.

Franklin initially suspected the two pocket battleships were cruisers, realising too late that she was facing two pocket battleships with a range unseen before she called on an immediate acceleration in an attempt to close on Halsey’s command squadron in the hopes of destroying her two smaller carriers and keeping out of range of the pocket battleships.

From the opening salvo both squadrons gunfire proved fairly accurate as ships on both sides sustained multiple hits entering hulls and starting fires ….

Nearly one hour after the battle started, at this point, the extreme range of the new pocket warships, dealt the decisive blows as their shots penetrated into the Enterprise igniting fired upon the aerospace fighter decks …. and upon receiving word of the retreat from Talon Frankin realised the invasion was doomed; she could not make repairs of this complexity under fire. There were no friendly naval bases within reach, nor any reinforcements available.

She thus hauled round her remaining fleet and fighters, as well as those drop-ships from Talon and proceeded at flank speed for the Nadir jump-point (scuttling any ship too damaged to be evacuated – their crews taken as prisoners of war) by keeping out of range of even the new pocke battleships weapons range – Halsey changed tactics at this point by carefully shadowing Franklin’s remaining squadron until they evacuated from the system (as she was unwilling to provide any small final victory for the retreating Davion Forces as the long game was more important at this stage).

The battle was a major victory for New Syrtis.
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Chapter 13 - Marlette

The deep penetration raid onto Marlette occured during the second half of the Civil War by Davion forces. As a staging area for the front line Alexander Davion intended to bring the Syrtis thrust to a standstill due to their extended supply lines and increased Davion resistance.

As commander Lawrence Davion initial tactical goal was to take Peloran Motors and from there to pin down any Syrtis military reinforcements and logistics (Drop-ship Port / Warehouses) in order to keep them from the front lines.

After landing near Achemar, the planetary capital city, located on the continent of Sanilac, the 4th Davion Guards RCT moved up along the River Luzern, preparing to cross it, and enter the Hurtgen Forest, when they came under hard resistance from elements of the Marlette National Guard who were utilizing the forest as a base. Though with the arrival of their reinforcements, the 3rd Storm Grenadiers: Death’s Own, early the following day the combined force proceeded to encircle the Guards. Although Lawrence called for the surrender of the Guards’ garrison, their commander Lieutenant-Colonel Rowanne “Madame Red” Bridgeford refused to capitulate – she did however initiate a blitzkrieg of her entire forces through the remaining gap between the two forces – in which her forces suffered severe causalities due to the densely forested terrain, where the mud and snow slowed their progress (due to the weather) restricting aircraft support, as well as the relatively small number of tracks within the forest.

Though the Davion forces were hampered by much the same difficulties the dense forest provided their Mechs with infiltration and flanking attacks, whilst the Guards were sometimes unsure areas had been cleared of the enemy whist making their retreat.

Once clear of the forest the Guards were quickly able to create distance between themselves and that of Davion forces with access to the autobahn. Though rather than turning the planetary capital, Achemar, into a warzone the Guards, the planetary government and Duchess Cecilia Leiningen were directed to Jericho City and from there the plan was to proceed onto Staval and Staval Spaceport and the attached Military Industrial facility of Peloran Motors, where the Marlette Guards would make their stand until reinforcements, 1st Syrtis Fusiliers RCT (commanded by Lieutenant-General Vincent Varnay-Davion – who were currently assigned to Marlette for Rest, Recuperation and Repair from fighting on the front lines – as such are an under-strength RCT) located within Fortress Bourgogne.

The Battle of Jericho City was a brief but bloody conflict as Davion forces launched pre-emptive air strikes that crippled the Marlette Guards’ air forces then staged a successful ground offensive seizing Jericho and the surrounding area.

The Battle began as a series of raids in order to test the defensive lines, which soon worsened into a ferocious air and artillery engagement. On the following morning, after catching the Marlette Guards by surprise, a coordinated aerial attack assaulted the Marlette Guards’ makeshift airfields, eliminating 80 percent of their air force either on the ground or in the air.

By the end of the third day the 4th Davion pilots had won full control of the skies over Jericho City.

The 4th Davions had all but secured victory by establishing air superiority, however, during the fierce fighting upon the land (that continued over several days) Lieutenant-Colonel Rowanne Bridgeford led her remaining forces in an elastic defence from Jericho to that of the City of Staval, and the remaining Marlette Guards’ forces.

<Nt. Whilst the 4th Davion Guards were engaged at Jericho the 3rd Storm Grenadiers encircled around Staval and proceeded onto the Fortress of Bourgogne – their aim to restrict the 1st Syrtis Fusiliers RCT from assisting the Marlette Guards at Staval.>

The Battle for the Staval City and Spaceport and Peloran Motors

With the oncoming 4th Davion Guards, Lieutenant-Colonel Rowanne Bridgeford evacuated from Staval City (declaring the city open) the Marlette Guards reduced the area they could adequately protect by assigning forces to the spaceport and the industrial complex – there they dug in and prepared for the inevitable.

General Lawrence Davion was determined to take Staval Spaceport and Peloran – the battle commenced with a protracted tank battle in the east whilst his Mech forces were engaged in the north. Throughout the course of the Battle of Staval Lieutenant-Colonel Rowanne Bridgeford’s Marlette Guards forces were constantly forced to scale back their static defensive lines in an attempt to successfully parry one blow after another.

Though in the course of the battle the remaining Marlette Guards’ were able to successfully counterattack and inflict heavy losses on the Davion panzer units – and in so doing Lawrence was forced to temporarily disengage in order to reformulate his battle strategy.

Having lost nearly all his armour in the fighting Lawrence requested units from the Storm Grenadiers …

In the south, on the 4th Davion Guards right flank, the Storm Grenadiers established a bride-head on the east bank of the Bern River in preparation for a full scale offensive for Fortress Bourgogne (in which the fort’s vast anti-aerospace / drop-ship weapons limited their assault to land based) … as Lieutenant-General Vincent Varnay-Davion’s 1st Syrtis Fusiliers RCT were attempting the reverse to break out and through the Storm Grenadier line (as he too was unable to bring their drop-ships in to assist due to the lack of a sizeable landing field). Thus both sides were utilizing their aerospace, hovercraft and infantry in small boats as reconnaissance units in order to determine a viable ground route …

<Nt. Problem for both forces – To advance on the fortress – crossing the Bern River and wetlands - distance from one side to the other – 3 miles / 4.83 Km - over which is the new (narrow) stannic bridge – under construction. As any previous attempt by the Storm Grenadiers to cross utilizing the bridge was met by multiple aerospace napalm artillery strikes … >

Thus the Fusiliers were effectively bottled up …. Whist the Storm Grenadier’s commander, General Desmond Dieuze, who craved fast moving offensives, was becoming increasingly frustrated by the inertia that had been imposed his forces.

The Staval Incident - General Desmond Dieuze’s ultimatum ….
In order to end all hostilities upon Marlette General Dieuze offered and ultimatum to both Lieutenant-General Vincent Varnay-Davion and Lieutenant-Colonel Rowanne Bridgeford …. Surrender, or watch Staval City be burnt to the ground …. as he ordered his armoured infantry to begin the assault!

In defiance of the Desmond’s ultimatum Vincent believed his preparations for his bridgehead assault were ready …. and the weather had finally deteriorated due to the oncoming monsoon - aerospace fighters were therefore restricted to the ground.

Vincent’s plan - Utilizing all his largest Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) (as well as any civilian craft they were able to commandeer) as well as his cavalry military hovercraft he proposed a double envelopment of the bridge in order to transport the majority of his vehicles and infantry from the fortress to the far shore - whilst his BattleMech forces proceeded down the bridge in order to reinforce the bridgehead units ….

Once activated, and upon reaching a point of no return they entered Desmond’s trap as his heavy artillery salvo commenced upon both forces …. Vincent, unwilling to call off the attack, declared “We have put our hands to the plow; we must finish the job,” ….

The battle continued as the monsoon’s heavy rains transformed fields into quagmires, wind and deteriorating light forcing both forces to rely upon their sensors …. The 1st Syrtis Fusiliers RCT drove into the 3rd Storm Grenadiers as the 4th Davion Guards pressed their final attack upon the remaining Marlette Guards

After days of heavy fighting, during which the Syrtis losses mounted, Rowanne reluctantly issued a chilling situation report … “the situation is critical … the Grenadiers artillery is continuing to butcher the good people of Syrtis and we have nothing else to curtail them … a couple more attacks and we are sunk, we have no reserves, our ammunition is depleted, and we just can’t go on …”, whist the 1st Syrtis Fusiliers remained bogged down whist engaging the Grenadiers.

It was within the darkness that fate proved capricious …..

High above Marlette multiple ships translated from the pirate jump point beginning a high speed 2G burn to the planet – and single message was transmitted … “ this is Brigadier Rinalla Centrella of the Canopus Marshalls - Battle Dolls …. Hold on! … we will be with you shortly … General Desmond Dieuze you and the 3rd Storm Grenadiers are hereby declared renegade, as such you, and those who abet you, are hereby declared ‘in pari delicto’ …. Prepare for execution!”

With renewed hope the 1st Syrtis Fusiliers and the Marlette Guards held on as the Battle Dolls made planet-fall in two groups combat groups … and as such Brigadier Rinalla Centrella employed an audacious strategy in order to relieve the besieged Syrtis defenders of Marlette wherein she wheeled her forces into counterthrusts where the swiftness and strength with which the Battle Dolls employed allowed them to break through the Davion lines, relieving the valiant defenders (creating alarm and confusion on the Davion side).

As the heavy fighting continued the remaining 1st Syrtis Fusiliers and Marlette Guards joined the fray, no quarter asked or given on either side! With the coming of the dawn the sky cleared as the Davion forces attempted to scrambled their aerospace fighters from their rear bases the Battle Dolls carrier hd previously scrambled their fighters from space in order to dive on these bases the resulting devastation removed all effective fighter support from the Davion forces …. realizing the battle was lost it was assumed that Lawrence Davion was about to call for an organized retreat when his command lance came under fire from an attacking Battle Doll / Fusilier lances under the command of Vincent Varnay-Davion

The resulting fight was vicious and short …. ending when Lawrence was forced to eject when Vincent was able to penetrate his engine …. with the loss of their commander so too went all discipline, the 4th Davion Guards were put to the rout with very few able to escape.

<Nt. Following medical treatment Lawrence was taken as a Prisoner of War.>

With the loss of their allies the Storm Grenadiers soon found themselves encircled – concentrated air and land fire ensured the death of the 3rd Storm Grenadiers … those few who survived were taken as Prisoners of War and were subsequently handed over the SLDF ….

<Nt. Battle Dolls and 1st Syrtis Fusiliers forces divided battlefield savage and the Marlette Guards were absorbed into the Fusiliers.>
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NT. Draconis March Political Situation Circa 2590

With the end of the first Civil War ….

The Sandoval family, an extremely wealthy and influential family within the Terran March, who’s matriarch Lieutenant General Eleanor Sandoval, the commander of those Vale Rangers who came to Alexander’s aid during the abortive engagement against Dmitri Rostov (for the crime of murdering his first wife Cynthia Davion when he attempted to Kidnap her ….) prior to the end of the Davion Civil War. As such her family was ennobled to the position of Duke / Duchess …

Alexander’s disestablishment of the Terran March, however, generated deep resentment amongst the Terran Brigade and the former Vale Rangers now Robinson Chevaliers, one that still festered fifty years later …. Then with the formation of the Star League Defense Force; Alexander seized the opportunity to remove these most troublesome units of the new Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, which included the entire remaining Terran Brigade ….

Where the older generation had once viewed Alexander to represented order, stability and an end to factionalism and infighting – his reforms (including an end to the Five Princes era) are now seen by many as a means by him to consolidate his power, as evidenced by …..

Aligning the Federated Suns with an enemy state the Terran Hegemony (now the Star League) who only a few years prior murdered the entire former Ducal family (2515) in a raid conducted by their Hegemony Forces;
Conspiring with this enemy state to initiate an illegal war with the Periphery States – which can now be seen for what it was, a land and power acquisition scheme;
Then when his actions were questioned by his daughter this was quickly followed by an assassination attempt;

Many younger citizens within the newly created Draconis March are beginning to question many of his decisions as well as his right to rule … and many are beginning to see him as a being the same as Dmitri Rostrov - a would-be despot.

Considering this …. many within the Sandoval family as well as many within the new Draconis March (including the current Duke Richard Sandoval) see themselves as being the guardians of chivalry within the Federated Suns they viewed Alexander’s actions as being reprehensible, and as such they refused to be part of this disastrous civil war between the father and daughter …..

Important Characters

Eleanor Sandoval, former Duchess of Robinson and the power behind the Sandoval throne who has counselled many within her family – a highly intelligent accomplished warrior and poet ….

Richard Sandoval, Current Duke of Robinson, a charming leader who is fiercely loyal to his family and the Draconis March. A man who has the willingness (emotional courage) of his convictions to stand up for his beliefs …. Proven to be a bit manipulative ….

Elizabeth “Bess” Sandoval, Richard’s wife and current CO to the 1st Robinson Chevaliers – a woman with intense passionate emotions. She possesses great strength and is very feminine and sensitive when necessary. Though she is also a very talented warrior who is experienced in war …

Stephanie Sandoval, Richard’s daughter (age 8), … a great fondness for sweets, highly intelligent for her age, though she acts like an air-head around strangers and she is in the habit of saying “shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”, whenever a question or remark disturbs her world view or embarrasses her …. She adores her grandmother and loves to be taken for a ride in her BattleMech …. much to her mother’s bemusement …

John Sandoval, Richard’s younger brother, a pleasant as he may seem, John hides a deep (almost pathological) hatred for his elder brother in that he does not believe he is worthy of being Duke …… He is just biding his time, to when he is able to take the throne … He is also scornful of the idea of fealty or sacrificing one’s life for others, believing only the strong should survive ….
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Chapter - 14 Bribery, Blackmail and Ego

As Veronica sat in her luxury cabin looking out the window into space as Robinson came into view she mused to herself, bribery and blackmail are two exceptional ways in order to get what you want, however when dealing with those of week minds and have an exceptionally high ego of themselves and of their position (due to birth) it does not take very much to convince them that you are on their side and that for the betterment of their realm that their position is correct and that the position of the other person is completely in error and if left unchecked it would destroy everything …. Thus this alternative idea (remaining outside of the war due to chivalry) must be snuffed out, by any means necessary, including the use of insurrection … and with a weak and pliable leader of the throne of the Draconis March it would be easy to get them to fight on the Davion side of the current civil war ….. Eleanor and Richard must die so that John can take the throne so that he can be manipulated into joining the war …..

<Nt. Veronica (capricious and vindictive) has great faith in herself, her powers of observation and discernment, and an understanding of impulsiveness and how acting / guile would better advance her cause – facing as she did a rival who’s world view is that of a paladin ….>

Utilizing her spies within the Draconis March Court her intelligence has uncovered John as a weak link that can be exploited …. as to the existence of a struggle between political hegemony between Richard and John due to the current civil war / joining the Star League.

Veronica, upon a “diplomatic mission” to Robinson, begins her scheming to usurp the throne in favour of John … once inserted she will begin scheming her vengeance (for not remaining loyal to her father) as she tries to undermine the virtue of Eleanor and achieve Richard’s downfall.

Enlisting the help of Richard’s political opponents (via bribery, blackmail or ego) …. encouraging them to take action to save the Draconis March from an unstable Duke …..tension rises between the brothers and between their political camps within the military, media, industry and nobility

<Nt. It is at this stage that Veronica can see what comes next, she thus quietly leaves Robinson for New Avalon.>

Critical point … when dissidents move against the knowledge of Richard and John ….

Carnage ensures ….

The only way Stephanie can be protected is when her grandmother, Eleanor, is forced to don her ‘Mech once more - in the ensuring chaos she is cut down whist ensuring the dissidents are also cut down …. and, as now that blood has been spilt war erupts upon Robinson as the two brothers’ forces engage one another in a violent war – both believing that what that are doing is for the betterment of the people of the Draconis March …

After many months of warfare John is captured and put the sword by his own brother ….

The dispute is at an end, a formal investigation is conducted in which Veronica’s actions become known … and yet there is no firm proof that could be used ….

Richard decides that he will still not assist either side and declares the matter at an end ….
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