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12/06/21 03:22 PM

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Hi all! There are a lot of old maps floating around. What are the most popular ones? Which ones do people really enjoy?
12/06/21 03:29 PM

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The basic map that came with all the box sets that is the Intro to the game. Folks love that map.

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12/23/21 12:23 AM

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The groups I played with were ok with the box set maps, but most would rather play with others, as the originals got old. I don't know how many people have played other maps, or even if some know there are other maps.

I have not played on all the 'factory canon' maps, so couldn't say which ones are the most fun.
A few are very friendly to mechs when fighting vehicles, as lots of woods to prevent the tanks from moving well. A few custom maps were the most fun for mech on mech. But again, situations come into play. Most required jump jets to get anywhere quickly.
We were lucky in the GM had allowed us to create a base we used and had many a fight on that set of maps. Defending a base really helps when you have towers set in smart positions, not just randomly placed or worse, set up by someone without any knowledge of what the base actually has.
An AC 20 tower is not something to place in the open areas. Those are for PPCs, LRMs, and the lighter acs, like the 2, 5, and even 10s. Granted, we really didn't get to upgrade that base after the clan invasion came out, as real life work started to get in the way.
Even placement of buildings can make or break a map (scenario). The biggest issues we ran into is sensors in the city. As the group tended to play against the GM, it was called into question a few times when a unit showed up where it shouldn't have been, IE having found nothing in an area, the unit moved up as to not miss anything that popped up in the middle of the unit. A few players rage quit as their units got nailed in the back, with one losing his mech due to a gyro got wasted.
I talked with the GM after people stormed out and he had a legit reason for that happening. No one bothered with, or rolled well enough on sensor operator (imagine that) to spot there was a lift in a building that allowed the unit to just show up when we passed it.
I thought it was smart, and showed those that stayed with it, the reason why you needed other skills. The elite out of training gunner was NOT feasible or the best fighter. They tended to be weak in piloting, so a single piloting roll was enough to hurt them badly.
12/23/21 05:21 PM

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Basic map and virtually all maps from the first three map sets are what we typically use; the map sets since #4, not so much. Can't speak for maps that came out in recent years as I've had zero boardgame BT sessions during the pandemic.
12/30/21 01:15 PM

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I would suggest if you run a campaign and have a permanent base set up, you map a custom map just for that. It allows for players to know what is where in their base without having to wonder if a tower is the proper one for the spot. It also allows for the GM to plan attacks, or make the players think a little more on placement of towers and bunkers as well as cost them to do so. It should help them with how tight they think they want to make it verses how much space is really needed to move items around the base.

I would also suggest something like this for major targets/items that need to be defended. If you are to guard say a space port, or even a simple transportation route, knowing where the best areas to ambush/attack it, would help where to place units to prevent such a thing. Same goes with anything you are raiding/attacking a lot.
I know this sounds like it should be done all the time, but surprisingly, most of the groups I played with run the death match style of combat with this. They just throw up, or roll to see what is where. I can see changing a few things once in a while, to show damage, and trying to fix areas, but with every time you play the map is a bit much.

This also allows all players and GM to set up a nasty surprise. A mine field or targeted hex for artillery at a point that no one knows about can really screw up the 'perfect' attack plan. The backstab bunker from the old MAC adventure pack comes to mind. Only modify it. If a single ac 20 in the back side is scary, imagine 2 or more. Even an SRM carrier or 2 hidden from sensors by a hull downed sensor baffled bunker, all firing on yours or the enemies back.

As this can be done in any era, you don't have to force your players to use the AP/ECM set up. But it is a way to get the sensor operator skill useful in the RPG.
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