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12/31/20 11:59 AM

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I found my copy of MW1e, and glancing through I did not notice any Target Numbers other then the ones specified on page 10 in the Attribute Cost chart. With that in mind, and TN set, what are some good penalties/bonuses to use against the target numbers?

For example: SGT Smith needs to job for the rope extended from the Helicopter; however, due to prop wash, there is a -x value assigned to his BASE SAVE against DEX.
12/31/20 02:15 PM

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This depends on how simple/complex you want to get.
As there is so many factors that can be added into this simple scenario, it would require a lengthy formula, which tends to slow the game down for more realistic gameplay.
First off, do you have any skills that might add to the simple grab? 1st edition had rogue skills if I recall, which might well include using ropes to climb walls, which may add to grabbing and climbing the swaying rope.
But then if you look at some of the rescue videos, the ropes they use are not normally lashing around like a whip.
Now other things that could be used, but slow down the figuring on the numbers is things like weather conditions, wind shear, condition of the player (such as hurt or fatigued from running), surface conditions (such as uneven, running on a roof, rocky path, paved road), equipment worn or used, as gloves would be more likely to avoid rope burn if any slipping happens.
Other things like being shot at, or someone right there trying grapple with the character would influence things.

One more factor comes to mind about the equipment. Is the helicopter set up for rescue or is it a normal one with the rope clipped to the bottom of the chopper? It would be assumed it was a military insertion/extraction one, but assumptions really throw things into the wind so to speak.
And weather conditions means more then wind. Rain, snow or ice will affect things, as well as just sand blowing.
If you really want to mess with things, a piloting roll for the chopper might be required to keep the rope from being tossed might be a way to go.
01/04/21 10:31 AM

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I did not want to get very detailed, or slow the game down since I love the flexibility of 2d6. I was going to take Classic Traveller route, and just use basic numbers. I wanted to take the range TN as a base starting part, but that didn't seem right, since there is a list of combat bonus/penalties. Due to the latter, I wanted to see if anyone found a good spot for starting TN values.

I understanding that adding or subtracting even a 1 at times on 2d6 could be a large percentage value.
01/04/21 12:15 PM

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One possible solution for things like this is a random addition or subtraction table, that would throw in the 'luck' factor beyond the simple die roll.
So it could cover the things like a simple slip while running towards the rope (penalty) to having the rope swing into an advantageous position (bonus).
This could help with making doing the same tasks a lot more random without having to be generic for repeat tries.
And you would only need the numbers, not what actually happens, unless you are trying to make a story. The table could be used for almost anything that requires a roll, but you want a little more suspense in it.

This could make something that you do every day, like open a door, throw in a random event, like you hand slips, and you walk into the closed door. (This is just an example).
Use it as often as you like, or just ignore the entire suggestion.
01/05/21 05:21 PM

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I like this idea a great deal. Uses the non-linear 2d6 dice percentages, but with a little bit of luck.

Do you have a table handy? I am not sure what this table would look like.
01/06/21 12:24 AM

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Just make one up.
1d6 for quick results such as:
1 would be -3 penalty
2 would be -2
3 would be -1
4 would be +1
5 would be +2
6 would be +3.
Or mix them up so someone couldn't try to fake a roll, or use weighted dice. And yes. The group I played with a while back had someone that did.
I don't have any tables set up, since using the Mechwarrior RPG books has a few things that can change this concept. Edge being one of them. Natural aptitude was another.

Using 2d6 will allow you to add in more variety, such as not only catching the rope, but allowing you to secure yourself without an issue.
Or being nasty, you catch the rope, but it is slick or wasn't tied correctly to the chopper, and you fall.
Just have fun with it.

As an after thought, if you have a gm playing, they could have a few tables, and use a different one that is completely different from each other, so you have no idea what the outcome would be, if you use it alot.

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01/08/21 07:25 PM

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Thank you.
12/29/21 02:30 PM

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I used your ideas @Ghostrider and they worked great!
12/30/21 01:30 PM

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Really mess with players and roll 2d6 before their roll, and have one die determine which table you use, if you stick with the d6. Change up which is which to make sure they don't catch on. Doesn't matter if you only use one table, as it causes some fear in the players not knowing what is going on.
Such things as odd numbers meaning you reverse the tables, if only using one table.
This could also be used to enhance the die roll, such as the first one determining if you want to add/subtract even more like them making a roll, but you just want them to sweat a little, forcing a second roll. Maybe even allowing the hero catch if the player misses.
The GM we had also was the GM for D&D and he really got a few players nervous. He had an answer for those players that tried the weapons on elbows, knees, guantlets and such to try and gain more attacks in Advanced D&D days. A clan of Kobolds that were basically Ninja/Monks that did that, as well as bite attacks, tail slaps, and even spikes on their tales. They were NOT close to being normal. They could kill a 6th level decent fighter in a single round, and could hit ac -5 without needing a 20. He used them only to discourage the seeking the massive extra attacks. If you followed the rules, you could dual wield weapons, though he did base it on dex and str to determine what could be done.
12/30/21 02:52 PM

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LOL... that is a great idea and love it. It has been some time since I played D&D (B/X, BECMI); however, I have been getting the itch to get a game going or join a game due to being home all the time now.

I dug out all my old Battletech and Mechwarrior items a few months back and be doing solo rules for myself. All the years of Avalon Hill solo boardgames is coming in handy.
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