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Medved (CoE) (Basic Tank) T1000

Mass: 40 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Motive Type: Tracked
Rules Level: Tournament Legal
Era: Age of War/Star League
Tech Rating/Era Availability: D/C-D-D-C
Production Year: 2522
Total Cost: 616,000 C-bills
Battle Value: 555

Power Plant: 120 I.C.E.
Cruise Speed: 32.4 km/h
Flanking Speed: 54.0 km/h
Armor: Standard Armor
1 Autocannon/10
2 Machine Guns
Primary Factory:
Communications System:
Targeting and Tracking System:

Design Quirks: Ubiquitous (1), Easy to Maintain (1), Rugged (2), Obsolete (-4)

Developed by Grand Union Battleworks, the Medved (meaning Bear in Russian) as a cheap if dependable garrison tank, the design is a premier example of a truly ancient combat vehicle. One of the last vestiges of the Main Battle Tank concept, the Medved was developed as the main workhorse tank of the Capellan Confederation. Famously basic and robust in its design, the Medved was the most simple and mass-produced tank of its day, outstripping similar models in both quantity and sheer bull-headed robustness.

Armed with two machine guns and a 100mm Kogot Autocannon mounted in the tanks distinctiveness rounded hull, the overall design of the Medved spoke of earlier combat philosophy. Still despite this leftover of a more direct age of armoured warfare, Medveds were slow, but reliable machines with a plentiful ammo supply, and while lacking the serious armour of more advanced designs begining to come into play by the late 2600's, its ease of manufacture and rugged nature made it a popular export product for the Confederation. Production numbers remained steady over 200 years of the Star League and while it Grand Union Battleworks never secured a Star League contract it was widely sold to the Periphery and other Successor houses: leading to the sheer ubiquity of the design.

As such by the beginning of the first succession war estimates played well over one million medveds in active service with those numbers increasing massively in the wake of arms proliferation during the Amaris Civil War. This meant that the Medved was the most common sighted tank in the first and second succession war, which would ultimately be its downfall. While dependable, the Medved was not made with a full-scale nuclear war in mind, and after its primary factory was destroyed in 2792 from three Asset Management Weapons deployed on main production facility on Tikonov.

This destruction of the facility and the Confederations gradual backslide into economic ruin as the war dragged on led to the factory never being rebuilt. Still the Medved would soldier on with its numbers sharply dropping through the second and later third succession war, with the design still seeing backline use by the fourth and 3060s. This was due to the fact that Medved parts were insanely durable, and damaged versions could be easily maintained from wrecked versions, whose parts were often salvaged from wrecks hundreds of years after their tanks were destroyed.

It is believed that by the end of the Jihad all active Medved's had been either destroyed or reduced to museum pieces: though collectors still assembled examples out of surviving parts found in scrap yards across the Inner Sphere.


Made as a Vedetta like tan, which went more for damage then speed, it's not a war winner but more NPC tank or a gap filler.

Notable Versions

Cost: 767,200 C-bills
BV: 604
A common field refit of the Medved that it would become an optional purchase from Grand Union Battleworks by 2720, the T1001 replaces the turret mounted AC/10 and MG for an AC/20 and replaces the ammo with half a ton of MG ammo and 2 tons for the AC/20. Seeing no change in speed or armour the design was often incorporated into Medved lances as a command tank, or to be used in a vanguard. While lower on ammo its AC/20 turned the normally docile Medved into a mech hunter, and a design with teeth. It was a popular rebuild of damaged Medveds in the Succession Wars and increased in commonality more so after its factory was destroyed.

T1000AM (Kuma)
Cost: 639,000
BV: 575
A slang term given to the DCMS redesign of the Medved, the Kuma was made at the request of as part of diplomatic agreement between the Chancellor and Coordinator in the 2740s, where the Grand Union Battleworks designed a Medved for the DCMS in preparation for the Third Hidden War. Made partially amphibious the design lost half a ton of MG ammo, its turret mounted MG and 1 ton of ammo for its AC/10. While losing battlefield endurance the design was made to fulfil garrison duties on DCMS planets which did not always have the infrastructure for bridges which could support heavy tanks. Thus a workaround was made which would allow tank crews to more easily ford river. While an uncommon variant by the Succession Wars the DCMS generally converted captured Medved's to the Kuma variant, with DCMS tech crews being so quick at the refit the Medved that one tech crew refit 32 captured Federated Sun Medveds in under a week.

Cost: 686,000 C-bills
BV: 556
Unlike with many Medved designs the BU drops the front mounted machine gun instead of the turrets, but does remove 1 tons of AC ammo and half a ton of MG ammo as well. This allows it to mount a bulldozer. Given how Medveds mainly serve defensively in militias many are also used in crowd control city fighting. As such many Medveds pulled work in cleaning streets of debris or forming barriers when armed with flechette ammo to aid in 'dispersal.'

Cost: 721,000 C-bills
BV: 546
Like with the BU, the BR removes the turreted MG, half a ton of MG ammo and a ton of AC/10 ammo to allow for a 2 ton medium bridge layer. While unable to fully cross the bridge it laid the Medved BU was effective in covering other units as it laid the bridge. Still this refit was not especially common.

T'999' Niedzwiedz (Nied)
Cost: 559,300 C-bills
BV: 545
Unlike many variants of the Medved the Niedzwiedz is a straight up counterfeit. Made at an undisclosed location in the Free World's League, the Nied was built by black market factories aiming to muscle in on the Grand Union Battle Works main production lines destruction by making their own version of the Medved from stolen blueprints. Still while it used a one-to-one recreated chassis, engine and combat computer, the crew found it difficult to source a AC/10 which could fit in the design's iconic turret, so instead incorporated a Large Laser and used the power amplifier to power a medium laser out of the old forward MG mount.

For a long time the Nied was the only source of new 'Medveds' in the inner sphere with many planets buying the counter fit if only to get spare parts for their existing models. Indeed a backroom deal with Grand Union saw tassive approval of the program and were working out a deal to return the missing plans when SAFE exposed the black market ring and arrested the leaders. This killed one of the many attempts to revive the ubiquitous tank.

T1000 (Ourse)
Cost: 639,000 - pre upgrade
Cost: 733,600 - Post upgrade
BV: 505 - Pre Upgrade
As with many factions the Federated Suns often redesigned their Medveds to suit their own doctrines. The Ourse variant of the Medved pulled an interesting shift in it removed the turret mounted MG and half a ton of MG ammo only to install a additional ton of AC/10 ammo bringing the total amount of autocannon ammo to 4 tons. This was done to allow the Medved Ourse to use specialty ammo more readily: though many enemies of the federated suns claim it was only done so they could hold down the trigger longer. While initially largely using flak and tracer ammo, the Ourse would regularly use a ton of flechette ammo to act as a effective infantry hunter in the fourth succession wars. By the clan invasion the Federated Commonwealth began deploying Ourse with armour piercing ammo making the design arguably the most formidable variant of the slowly dying tank breed.

T1000C (Tragen)
Cost: 701,400 C-Bills
BV: 554
The Lyran redesign, the Tragen simply removed half a ton of ammo to install CASE. A practical rebuild of the tank which ensured crew and tank survivability. These variants were very common prior to the Star Leagues fall, with examples of the Tragen Medveds with their CASE still functioning were still in operation by CASE return in 3036. A much sought-after variant, Medved crews would commonly swap out for the Tragen and simply incorporate elements of their own faction's doctrine of only to keep the CASE functionality.

Cost: 817,600 C-bills
BV: 660
A attempt by Capellan engineers to update the Medveds in their supply for the 3060s, the design refit the aging chassis with a ultra-AC/10 in place of its turret mounted Mg and half a ton of ammo. This allowed the design to carry 3 tons of Ultra AC/10 ammo, which allowed it to out damage any of its comparable design. Still the experiment while effective could not save the design from being passed over for another grant to restore the factory in the face of more effective designs dooming the design once and for all.

T1020 (Ten Twenty)
Cost: 907,200 C-bills
BV: 646
Probably the last well-known refit of the Medved, the Ten Twenty was a Word of Blake militia variant which replaced the AC/10 with 2 light AC/5's with 4 tons of ammo, (usually precision ammo), half a ton of ammo for the front mounted MG and for a first with the design upped its armour to ten tons, making it a bunker of a medium tank. The design was often given to less experienced Word of Blake crews who would restore wrecks from across the Inner Sphere to better arm their brethren in their war of faith.

Equipment Type Rating Mass
Internal Structure: Standard 20 points 4.00
Engine: I.C.E. Engine 120 8.00
Cruise MP: 3
Flank MP: 5
Heat Sinks: Single Heat Sink 0 0.00
Control Equipment: 2.00
Lift Equipment: 0.00
Turret: 1.50
Armor: Standard Armor AV - 120 7.50

Front 30
Left/Right 20/20
Turret 30
Rear 20

Equipment Location Heat Spaces Mass
Machine Gun FR 0 1 0.50
Autocannon/10 T 3 1 12.00
Machine Gun T 0 1 0.50
@AC/10 (30) BD - 0 3.00
@MG (200) BD - 0 1.00

BattleForce Statistics
MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. Ov Armor: 4 Points: 6
3t 2 1 0 0 2 0 Structure: 2
Special Abilities: EE, TUR(2/1/0, AC 1/1/0), AC 1/1/0

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Interesting take, especially with the variants.
It does seem to fit with the usable, but cheap concept garrison units tend to be stuck with.
The AC 10 is a nice touch over more cheap tanks. Yeah, ammo requirements always are a cost issue, but the 10 is a good threat to almost any combat unit. Most light mechs fear the ppc on a Panther because of the crit potential, so the AC on this would do the same.
The use of tracks does help sell it. The speed might be low, but it can go into more places then other movement types. I would suggest an LBX version, which would make a great anti air for important locations. And if I know right, it is the same weight as the normal ac 10. It might well be popular before the LBX went out of production.
Could use the ammo issues as why this variant was stopped being use, or having the AC swapped out for something that could still be supplied with munitions.

One other variant might be an idea is use of Ferrous Armor in the first war. Yes, it drives up the cost, but the extra protection before the armor went out of production might work. It is a bit costly, so might not be a good idea.
09/27/22 06:35 PM

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Nice, I like it. But I've designed similar efficient, simple tanks.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
09/28/22 02:42 PM

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I love your analysis of the Medved, and you hit many of the things I planned for it to be on the head.

A rugged, easy to equip, uncomplicated tank that can go anywhere and carry a AC/10 which can scare most medium to light targets and cause heavy targets to take note.

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent analysis.

I do have a LB-10X variant, but I did not implement it because I felt it was too expensive to serve the role it was intended for but regardless here it is.

Cost: 1,258,600 C-Bills
BV: 671
The last in a series of experimental Medved variant submitted to the Star League quartermaster in a attempt by Grand Union Battleworks to get the Medved accepted into Star League inventory. Turned down for its slow speed, low armour protection and the fact the Star League had plentiful stockpile of more effective medium tanks, the SLX was passed over for production.

Still the data from said tests was recycled during the Star League civil war, where house units, defecting to the SLDF, bought a good quantity of Medveds with them. Having always been unfavourably viewed by SLDF tankers many of the house units were reassigned to surplus SLDF combat vehicles. However, shortages during the march to terra saw the stored and captured Medved's redesigned to meet the SLX configuration by League techs.

A somewhat middling tank, and expensive for its role, the T1000SLX Medved was equipped with a LB-10-X Autocannon and replaced its turret mounted machine guns with an anti-missile system: with CASE for protective purposes. It could carry half a ton of ammo for its front mounted MG, 1 ton for its AMS and 3 tons of ammo for its LB-10-X. Its armour was also reinforced with a refined Ferro-Fibrious mix taken from Amaris unit wrecks, giving it a notably slap dash appearance, losing its iconic domed turret.

The Tank performed to a mediocre standard in second line units, though did act as an effective anti-air platform hen loaded with cluster ammo. It is to note that the Exodus Fleet did not take any Medved's with them, actually returning them to the houses their units defected from: though restored to largely factory standard: this was done as one of many moves by Alexander Kerensky to placate the successor houses before they dismissed him.

One SLX Medved however was later discovered and restored in the 2800s and was displayed at the Bovington Tank Museum on Terra: it was considered too low tech for Comstar to fuss over.

T1000F (Fire Bear)
Cost: 623,700 X-Bills
BV: 539
A noted and somewhat notorious variation of the Medved that very nearly soured its reputation. The F variant stands as both the main Medved variant for the Taurian Concordat and Rim Worlds Republic. Bought in the hundreds of thousands, the bear variation removed the MG, its ammo and one ton of AC/10 ammo to put in two vehicular flamers and 2 tons of vehicular flamer ammo. A noted terror and anti-infantry platform used for sweeping cities almost half of this production run formed the basis for the Taurian Concordats revolutionary units tank companies during the initial break out of fighting. Due to being such a ubiquitous and easy to acquire vehicle it was near impossible for SLDF commanders to trace suppliers. The tank though would see only minor use in the attack on the Terran Hegemony holdings, being mainly used as garrison units in the Rim Worlds Republic, it was there that the mediocre tank faced up against a very vengeful Star League and was very thoroughly trounced.

T1000AD (Flying Brick)
Cost: 623,700
BV: 539
Considered the most bizarre variation of any Medved, the AD was commissioned and requested by the Outworlds Alliance as their main MBT during the Star League. Bought in small numbers, this model of the Medved removed its turret MG, half a ton of ammo and 1 ton of AC/10 ammo (like many variations) and attached equipment to mount a vehicular drop chute: earning its nickname the flying brick. A certainly unusual upgrade, even more so when considered that this was standard throughout the entire armed forces of the Outworlds Alliance. The prevailing theory was to combine air power with quick drops of tanks and mechs to ambush enemies. A oddity to be sure but one the Outworlders kept up well into the early third succession war.

No idea for a Magistracy upgrade, any idea?

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09/28/22 10:21 PM

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Slow isn't a real issue considering how many Urbanmechs are used.
Also having prepared positions to use means units don't move.
Granted, the Alacorn tank is the same speed as well as the Schrek, but they do have the triple turrets.

To be honest, the MoC might well use some foreshadowing and use the AC 2 with some smaller weapons, as a preclude to the Pike Tank. I want to say SRM 2's were part of the Pike as well. Maybe upgrade them as the ac 2 doesn't need more then a ton of ammo and is lighter then the 10. Or maybe go the LRM route instead of the SRM, for extra distance firepower. Make that a point for sales.
This is if you believe you need a variant for the MoC.
An afterthought came up before continuing. Use the AC 10 but swap the MGs for an LRM. The LRM doesn't need to be in the turret, thought it would help.

One more bit of fluff that could be used. Having issues with supplies during the Unification war, then the Amaris war, it could well have been pressed into the SLDF as the need for machines became apparent. A rare version could have come from it, maybe even the LBX version.

I would avoid the ac 5 as it would be compared to the scorpion tank.

As a side note, there is no reason why it couldn't have been more expensive before the succession wars. The expense could have dropped when the high tech equipment become unavailable.

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