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11/29/22 06:08 PM

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The original House Books had this info.

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
11/30/22 12:44 AM

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I know they had some info on factories they currently possess, but I don't remember them listing all, or whether they had been SL facilities.
Things like space borne refineries and such didn't come out until 2750, so weren't in the original books.
And I don't remember seeing much about all the factories that were destroyed in any of the older books.
Given some of the factories were built after the SL left, as well as production lines being changed, there are a few questions that come up, such as was the FWL the only ones to produce the Awesome? Or where the factories in other states destroyed during the wars?
We already know that some LC mechs are built by the TC. If I recall this includes the 'new' Hatchetman in the 3025 era. And with the SL tech coming back, the variants made by the LC, were copied by the TC.

As asked originally, where Highlanders and Atlas's all made in SL factories? As I do not see any being listed being made outside the original TH worlds. This is partially true for a few other mechs.
The Defiance information says that more then a few lines were destroyed in the fights over the factories, yet nothing stating what was lost due to this, or other facilities.
It was suggested that the SL had manufacturing facilities located around the IS, and hints at facilities in the periphery as well.
Had to check it, but the Dark Nebula was part of the Rim Worlds Republic before the SL went into the Amaris war.
I was hoping for some sort of in depth or somewhat complete list of facilities that have been 'found' since the fall of the SL.
The idea that each house had facilities to build up 50 regiments of units in a few years sounds off, when the SL was trying to limit what they had. As this was also over the course of time, they would not need facilities to build 20 regiments in a year. And this was not straight mech regiments as well. I would expect the SL/TH to require military units, especially mechs to be purchased and registered with their offices.
The SL lasted for a few hundred years, so the math doesn't work right.

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12/04/22 01:04 AM

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So is there any canon material that has a full list of what factories where owned by who before the fall of the SL?
And what went to who during the fall?
It looks odd that in the objective raids book, it seems the TC had more and better factories then the CC had.

It would also be nice to know where dropships and jumpships were made, so rebuilding shipyards might actually produce the lostech ships.
It would solve some issues on things like where did the SL go to repair ships damaged near or in the periphery, and what factories were repairing or building units lost in that area. The suggestion that there were so many factories before the succession wars took them out, but yet nothing much is said about many of them.

Some mechs are better then others, yet they seem to be built in very few places.
While others seem to be everywhere but only built in one nation. I thought the Urbanmech was only CC built, but the wiki says there is a variant called the Suburbanmech that was started in 3010. The Urbanmech seems to be used in a lot of planetary defense forces, or so goes a lot of novel/games.

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12/06/22 08:36 PM

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Interesting. In the wiki, it says the FS had built the Awesome at the beginning of the 1st war. The factory was attacked by the CC, which destroyed the mech line of it.
This is the sort of information I have been looking for. This is why I asked if there is a list that tells this sort of information.
I just don't want to have to go thru 5 different entries, chasing down things like this.
It still doesn't say much about the production numbers, but the fact that it happened tells some of the story.

I would still like to see the full data sheets of the SL mechs, which were later 'downgraded' as the tech was lost. I still do not believe that an SL Wasp wasn't fully decked out in tech, but was basically the same as the 3025 Wasp. Same goes for all the mechs that were in 3025 that were not designed after the fall of the SL.
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