Makara LV5 (Long Range Direct Fire Support)

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05/03/23 04:03 PM

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Makara LV5

Mass: 100 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Chassis Config: Biped
Rules Level: Tournament Legal
Era: Clan Invasion
Tech Rating/Era Availability: F/X-X-E-D
Production Year: 3102
Dry Cost: 11,170,000 C-Bills
Total Cost: 11,270,000 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,922

Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel
Power Plant: Unknown 300 Fusion Engine
Walking Speed: 32.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Unknown Light Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE
4 Light Gauss Rifles
2 Medium Lasers
1 C3 Computer (Slave)
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Design Quirks: Extended Torso Twist (3)

Long Range Targeting (2)

Fast Reaload (1)

No/Minimal Arms (-2)

Poor Cooling Jacket Light Gauss Rifles (1 x4) (-4)


Following the break up of the Free Worlds League; not to mention the chaos from the Jihad, the newly formed Regulan Fiefs lost a good deal of access to the supply chains and resources which the former league had afforded them. As such the Fiefs had to make do with what they had on hand, and while the relative peace of the Inner Sphere had led to a winding down of hostilities, it had led to a explosion of new mech designs. Not wanting to be caught out, by one of the other league successor states, the Regulans poured their limited resources into new weapon programs: one of which resulted in the Makara.

A unusual design, the Makara stands as a extremely heavy example of a long range support mech, which enscrews LRM's for direct fire damage damage. Made from entirely domestically produced parts, its primary armament is a quartet of Light Gauss Rifles, with a internal mechanism to aid in a faster charging process for the weapons, resulting in a faster charge rate for the barrels, in exchange for greater heat output. Despite this the Makara is exceptionally cool, with its DHS hardly pushing the designs heat envelope even with the overhaul to mechs primary weapons. With deep ammo wells, and a C3 combat system, the mech can fire exceptionally accurately at ranges well outside of other combat units. This allows the Makara to attack with impunity when working as a part of a lance, with its modest thirteen tons of light ferro fibrous, while being severely thin for a 100 ton frontline mech, is more than adequate to absorb stray shots or other long range weapons: while still being thick enough just in case the enemy closes the distance.

The Makara would enter production in 3102, and would be produced in limited numbers for the armed forces of the Regulan Fiefs: still limited combat would result in this combat unit not seeing front line duty until the late 3130's, where the units distinguished itself in engagements against pro Marik forces. Still the Makara would be swept up much like its parent state in the FWL reestablishment in 3148, following which it saw wider distribution as a alternate fire support unit to the traditional Awesome of FWL League fame.

Equipment Type Rating Mass
Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 152 points 5.00
Internal Locations: 2 LT, 2 RT, 4 LA, 4 RA, 1 LL, 1 RL
Engine: Fusion Engine 300 19.00
Walking MP: 3
Running MP: 5
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: Double Heat Sink 10(20) 0.00
Gyro: Standard 3.00
Cockpit: Standard 3.00
Actuators: L: SH+UA R: SH+UA
Armor: Light Ferro-Fibrous AV - 220 13.00
Armor Locations: 1 CT, 1 LT, 1 RT, 1 LA, 1 RA, 1 LL, 1 RL
CASE Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT 1.00

Internal Armor
Structure Factor
Head 3 9
Center Torso 31 34
Center Torso (rear) 9
L/R Torso 21 30
L/R Torso (rear) 8
L/R Arm 17 21
L/R Leg 21 25

Equipment Location Heat Critical Mass
C3 Computer (Slave) HD 0 1 1.00
Light Gauss Rifle RT 1 5 12.00
Medium Laser RT 3 1 1.00
Light Gauss Rifle LT 1 5 12.00
Medium Laser LT 3 1 1.00
Light Gauss Rifle RA 1 5 12.00
Light Gauss Rifle LA 1 5 12.00
@Light Gauss Rifle (16) CT - 1 1.00
@Light Gauss Rifle (32) RT - 2 2.00
@Light Gauss Rifle (32) LT - 2 2.00
Free Critical Slots: 0

BattleForce Statistics
MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. Ov Armor: 7 Points: 19
3 4 5 4 0 4 0 Structure: 8
Special Abilities: C3S, CASE, MHQ1, SRCH, ES, SEAL, SOA
05/05/23 01:58 PM

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WOW! A 100 tonner not built to run up and bite the heads off the enemy?
I am surprised they don't have a melee set up that allows mechs to bite other mechs....

It is odd to see a fire support 100 tonner. And no. I have not seen all the designs out there, so there may be a few more.

It is a bit odd that the MLs are normal ones. But then I don't know the 3100 era, so don't know what is made or where. The locally built fluff might explain that. I would think ERMLs, if built, would be in here, since the heat isn't that bad. But that is more of a min/max thought.

Given the extra range of the light over the normal or heavy gauss, I can see this taking down the units carrying the heavier versions. Not quickly, but with sustained fire, more likely to open up holes.
The C3 is a nice touch.
05/06/23 02:02 AM

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Thank you. Yeah the concept was more along the vein of the Pike, Bane or Shrek, which is to act as extreme long range fire support: yet using traditionally ignored weapons for their good BV value. I have been a bit cautious putting this one up as a few people have disparaged the Light Gauss Rifle as unnecessary or a waste weapon. I am glad you noticed how it can put range most competitors.

I do have a alternate version which is 95 tons which is only 1775 BV, but it loses 3 tons of armour, and doing that means that a crit to the LGR could tear off a side torso. I just thought making it cheaper would be better but I do feel the loss in armour for such a heavy machine may not be worth it.

As for the ERs, you are right they would make an optimal upgrade, however inner sphere ERs have a pretty high BV cost for what they do, so they are more for penny pinching BV than anything.
05/12/23 12:04 PM

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I will say I am guilty of a thought that all heavy/assault mechs need to be short range death machines. Yet the military is looking for effective machines that can deal punishment while making it home with little to no real damage to themselves.
The concept of kill the enemy before they can fire back is something all forces strive for. Part of why the clans did so well when they first entered the IS. The shock and lack of knowledge was a big part of that as well, but the longer ranges does give the clans a good advantage. But not all battlefields are the flat open plains that the clans favor.
We will leave the argument of Vtols out of this.

Granted, most assault mechs are too slow to run when they need to, so the need to remove anything getting in range is necessary, prompting the short range death machines.

I will say the large amount of shots does help the unit with this, but it would still have issues with a full campaign that lacks steady ammunition flows. But that is true with any unit that uses ammunition. The Atlas is a big one that would suffer from ammo issues.
Sticking with one type makes is a bit easier to keep stocked in some ways. Supply runs could split what goes where. So when you need LRM ammo in one spot, it may get ac and MG ammo. Granted, if everything uses the same thing, that means all lose firepower when supplies are low or out.
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