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08/29/19 02:46 AM

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from the short time I got to play it, it was a great game.
Not exactly like battle tech in the damage and armor sides, but still enough to be comparable.
Not sure if anyone else had a problem with Steam though. Seems the brand new system I got, doesn't get along with Steam.
One thing that is definitely not even close to battle tech is the way they do the hit rolls for missiles. The percentage is for each missile fired, not the 'pack' of them.
The graphics for the game play is great, though the story line could have been a little better.
There is one thing I did notice, but not sure if it was me.
It seems physical combat does more damage then weapons fire, especially with the lighter mechs.

Over all, my opinion is, it is worth it.
09/03/19 12:45 PM

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I own the game, i kickstarted it despite not having a computer at the time to run bloody thing. Its nice game, but i've hadn't had time to really play it back to back. It has some rough patches i got get use to.
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10/23/19 06:50 PM

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Is the game playable after you complete the main story?
This Battletech thing is so exciting I just couldn't give it up. It gets in your blood or something; I don't know.
10/24/19 03:23 AM

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I don't know. Steam has an issue with the new system I bought to play the game as well as others.
I know it is steam as it locks up when steam is running, but doesn't when I don't have it running. I also had issue with steam back when I bought civilization 5 for my old system. 2 and a half hours to activate the game because of steam. Got to 99 percent a lot but never finished.

Seen the part of the play thru on line, and in the few times I got to play for a while, it was good. A few things are not to spec, but it is close enough to forgive most of it.
It can be frustrating at times, as the game loves to have a single unit spot for the lrm to IDF you to death. Damned Commando mechs seem more difficult to take down then the should. But over all, it is a very interesting game engine.
One big complaint is the same as most third person type of games. The view some times clips into the terrain you are near. But I have seen so many do this, it seems standard.
It is also more true then some of the mechwarrior video games. You don't have everything on the market. Sometimes, you have to go to multiple systems just to find one thing.
03/22/20 01:45 PM

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As there was a discussion started in another thread about HBS BattleTech, I thought it would be best to bring it here, and try to avoid another thread jacking.

Part of the discussion went along the lines of none of the video games is true to the rules, and that is true. The 'shields' in the original BattleTech game as well as others seems to be one of them. I can understand making something to help the players that can't play first person shooters, but it can be annoying.

The damage done in the HBS game is different, but seems to be about right. A medium laser takes the armor off arms of the lightest mechs. The missiles to hit isn't based on the pack fired, but each missile fired. It is kind of funny to see weapons go wild on misses. It makes you think a little about what does happen when you miss in the board game.
As pointed out, all the games that you can do a total refit, including changing engines and such in less then a weeks time, does cause people to think that is in the board game as well.

It is still fun, and I will be trying it out on a new system. So far, it seems the last one I bought has an issue with the hardware, as reinstalled windows 10 four times and it locked up yet again. 5 different games, so it isn't just one. Hopefully, I will be able to play it all the way thru. With that, I will answer if you can continue playing it after the story is over.
Hopefully, you can. Games that end after the story is over is very annoying. Fallout 3 was like that. So many things you can do, yet you have to do it before the last mission. This game seems to have potential, and I don't see why it couldn't continue with just running merc missions afterwards.
03/27/20 11:37 PM

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Upon further playing of the game, I have been shown by the game that it wasn't as good as I thought. A ppc to the enemy locust doesn't take out the body part, and that is if I can hit with an 85% chance to hit. Their twin medium lasers go internal on 50 to 55 ton mechs almost every time, dispite having full armor.
I have had a PPC hit a locust, and take out both side torsos, yet not touch the center.
The enemy has been about 75 or better percent to hit my units moving further then anything they have, and yet I can't hit them more then 30%. It is frustrating the hell out of me.
4 50 ton mechs, should be able to take out a pair of strikers without losing body parts.
The game mechanics is beyond me at this point.
The graphics are still nice.
One last thing. You are more then likely going to get enemies on sensors, but not be able to fire on them, while they almost always will get the first shot off on you.
02/08/21 02:49 AM

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Has anyone else played it and have some input here?
I find it unlikely that I am the only one.

Oh. As a side note, since the enemy loves running up to you with most units, the ac 20 carrying king crab seems to be the fast way of killing things.
The lrms seem to scatter too much to really be super effective. They are effective, just takes a little longer to kill things.

Sadly enough, my ppc hit ratio bites. I tend to hit with lasers at max range more often then a ppc at medium range, ie both firing at the same target.
03/05/21 01:58 PM

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I was a kickstarter backer as well, and I've been playing off and on since it released. It is not a perfect tabletop conversion, but it tries to stay true to the "feel" of Battletech despite having some vastly different mechanics. Overall I highly enjoy it.

I'll post more about it when I have more time.

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03/24/21 02:22 AM

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I have noticed that the King Crab seems to be one of the best units when dealing with things that love to rush in on you, It is bad, since the only way I can find getting one is to get involved with the pirates. Once you buy access to them, then you can get not only the most advanced weapons, but the King Crab and a few mechs. This sounds stupid, as the pirates should be the LAST entity to get such things, especially in the periphery.

I do recommend removing the Large Laser, and adding in some extra ammo as well as heat sinks. But be warned. The damage is different from normal BT, so your 20 doesn't guarantee ripping the limbs off even a locust or commando.
06/12/21 09:08 PM

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Has anyone else played it and have some input here? I find it unlikely that I am the only one.

I picked it when it first was released and had to put it down to the frustration of the game mechanics. I recently started playing again and feel like I need to put it down again - I don't think I have made it past the Newgrange mission.

My beefs -
1. The first two tutorial missions are rather long compared to other games I have ever played. Then Harebrained Schemes decided to be hairbrained and to add in some additional pop-up notices about things like heat management/stablity during the 2nd storyline mission. During the 2nd mission round 1, I moved the units. When round 2 started and I was just about to confirm the movement of the Spider, the popups opened...I quickly closed them only to find the last click also confirmed the movement and placement of the Spider. - When I saw the Spider do an about-face and move back toward the starting area, I just about threw my monitor into the wall.

2. The game is nothing more than a battle of attrition. From when you can actually start to make your own decisions to battle decisions during missions, it feels like as the player I am always on the loosing side. - I can understand the game needs to be difficult in some way, I'm gonna loose sometime, some way, and some how, but to make the game feel so overwhelming and tedious as you often face 2-3 odds whiling trying to minimize damage just so can make another month. And when you finally over come the difficulty and complete the mission to have one of your best pilots in the medbay for 100 days, you know the next two months are also gonna be painful.

3. The AI always seems to get the lucky break. It will slowly whittle you down or get in a luckly shoot that just defies logic - a Hunchback wil shoot its medium lasers (and not its AC/20) at max range to strip your evasion, while a Demolisher will just shoot its twin AC/20s at the same range against the same target with 1 miss and 1 hit either ripping off a leg or arm. While on my side, I have to pound every target with every mech for 3 **** rounds to down a single unit. Quite a few times I have had a badly damaged enemy unit missing the arms/sidetorso with a moderately damaged center torso and it just doesn't go down soon enough.

4. Recent changes have had things like less head hits from MGs and missiles, but practically nerfed Firestarters with only 4 rounds of ammo for flamers. Also, apparently there is now Stay-Shot effects to weapons fire if two units are in line and in close proximity to each other, I had a spider shoot its medium lasers and miss the target, stripping off evasion of the primary target and an adjacent unit.

I am now on the 2nd recent rerun of the storyline - the first I gave up after the Newgrange mission as I just couldn't get past it with the units I was fielding. I am right up to the same point and I thought I would run one more mission before doing Newgrange, but the game had it in for me from the start. 1 lance consisting of heavy vehicles (Shrek PPC Carriers, Demolishers, Manticores, and Bulldogs, oh my) and a lance of 2 heavy mechs and 2 medium mechs on a terrible map with no real cover. The final outcome left me more then unscathed with some pretty bad damage and one of my top pilots in the medbay for 86 days.

I have had some luck with an Awesome -8Q I picked up, but what I would give for a Crusader, Archer, Catapult, or Stalker missile support unit right now, I can't for the life of me seem to find an LRM-10 with some kind of bonus, but I have a -5, -15, and a pair of 20s with one.
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06/13/21 11:39 AM

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The LRM fire is good for starting, but when it gets into mid/late game, you almost need the ac 20.
I agree that the BS of the game in the fact that 4 mechs pounding on a light mech and can't take it down before the LRM mechs and turrets start firing is frustrating.
Another thing the game doesn't really tell you, is you almost have to get in with the pirates, as it was the only way I could see to get the king crab, which when the 20's work right, take out mechs quickly. They also have the high tech equipment you don't seem to get any other way.
The game is like Command and Conquer at times, that you need to know the map and move in specific ways. For some, the only thing you can do is run by areas and hope you take down the units so they don't continue to pop you in the back, as the time limit forces you to either use light mechs, which seem to die no matter how far you run, or heavy/assault, which means you have to just keep moving. Jump Jets are almost required on a few maps.

I do agree with how the maps set you up is crap. It may be the testers used specific mechs, and it seems to be tailored to those units.
For a Stalker, it might help to use an SRM carrier version of it. I know the damage the enemy does to you is horrible, but the do seem to work. Or at least take out the spotter mech to prevent the enemy from standing out of sight range and pounding you. Not sure if you have tried it, but I believe you can put 3 LRM 20s with an lrm 15 so you can hide behind a hill helps for the stalker, Lighten the armor if you have to, as you can hide for the most part.
I love PPCs, but started having an issue of them missing more then the hit. 75 percent or higher and only hitting with one ppc on the 8q was frustrating. And with the lights running into point blank range. It seemed physical attacks do more damage over all then using weapons.

The stray shot is very frustrating. And the game sets it up so you have to be shot like that often. The narrow gap in a ridge forces you to bunch up, and the enemy makes sure they abuse it. Smart tactics, but still bs. I found there are times when just waiting behind the ridge, and forcing the enemy to come to me helps. Or moving to a side. A few missions I cheated by moving to set off the reinforcements to be triggered before then main forces engaged.

The one mission, I don't remember the name of it, is where you have to guard a facility and get in engineers to use the turrets. You can not allow a single transport into the center area, or you lose. The enemy will almost always get in back shots as well as hitting more then they should. The side mission there is to protect the barracks on the hill to the right of start, which I can't even begin to move away from the center.
Except for the sensor lock, the only way the enemy can fire at you is if they have a unit that is line of sight. Sometimes that is all you can do in order to survive.

The ability for the Spider and Commando to survive so the enemy can hit you is frustrating, as the game is based on, but does not use the rules of Battletech. So the lightly armored spider seems to take as much damage as you stalker does.
The target specific point can not be stressed enough. Head hits are great, but also hitting some other parts, like taking out the right torso of any hunchback early is a blessing. I guess I should try another game and find out if the moral for upkeep helps that much. Using this ability may well be 'required' to survive easier.
01/23/22 08:42 PM

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Hey @widowmaker, you're probably right about the mechanics! Battletech is one of my favorite games, my brother and I have been playing it since its release, and I think all the updates have only served it well.
02/17/22 11:31 AM

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The game does allow for limited refitting in the game. I had removed the ac 10 from the centurian and added in an additional lrm launcher from almost the start. It helps having the LRM barrage when you first start, as you can do some decent damage to the units that sit out of range of medium weapons, ie the strikers to begin with.

The special abilities, such as Balwork comes in very handy, as it reduces damage weapon damage that hits.

Not sure if you know that some systems are set up with more difficult foes then others. Having a full lance of king crabs, I ran into a system that was the 5 skull rating, and ran into a unit with 2 heavy vehicle lances, as well as 2 heavy/assault mechs lances. Schreks, LRM carriers, demolishers, along with mechs that non of them were under 65 tons. They had damn great gunners as well. The mechs would keep my units in sight, so the lrms could rain down terror on them, while the terrain allowed the demolishers to get close before I could do much. So yeah. More then a few missions make you feel like you need to bang your head on the table wondering why you are retrying the mission.
Which restarting the mission will change the units you face, as well as some of their set up, so that may help. Nothing like taking out a chunk of units only to have a pair of orions appear on the ridge behind you, and start back shotting like crazy.

The gunnery skill portion does have the ability to specific target a spot. Not as reliable as you would hope, but you can get head shots or more likely hit a torso with it. I try to angle the right torso of all hunchbacks when I can to remove that location. And yeah. The game has hit a fully moved Jenner without a problem, yet when they move their centurion, I can't hit it at all, even after the evasion is toast. Sadly, a physical attack is needed for some units in order to destroy it quickly. The physical isn't what does it, but removing the evasion does.

You can buy an odd piece of equipment that negates 1-3 head shots. I found I had to have them, as the commando mechs seem to hit the head one out of every 3 rounds.

Yeah. The nasty stray shot feature. The game funnels your units into a group in order to get thru some areas, and the enemy always fires so they hit multiple units, or at least remove the evasion of them. You can do the same thing, but it isn't as easy. Basically units in a line from where you are can be 'hit' with the stray shot. I have missed a primary target, and taken out something in the line of fire with the shot.

I will say, the game seems to force you into using the big heavy units in order to survive, as the lighter, more mobile ones don't take the hits well. I don't mind using a full lance of assault mechs, but I know some people love the mediums.
02/22/22 02:02 PM

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My only true nitpick is being out numbered every single time. and the way they implimented the turn based initiative system. nothing is worse than getting ambushed by 8 light mechs and having half your lance crippled before you can even fire your first mech. especially if they have more than 1 firestarter.

But other than that Its ok. i do hope that the next game like it will open up to company or Battalion ( maybe trinary or cluster) level engagements. And have options for more combined arms tactics, and maybe a more indepth fleet and areospace management system. I think that commanders should have a initiative stat that can be upgraded through the game making it more likely you will go last. and have a more tabletop based turn system where combat happens all at once. or even something like phantom brigade.
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02/23/22 12:04 PM

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Some of the missions force you to use specific types of mechs. The one where you have to hit a space port and have only so much time, yet the first thing you run into is strikers, lrm carriers and bulldogs. Then you have lrm mechs with lights to pin you in place while they pepper you.
Not sure if you know this, but by moving to the area the ambushing mechs come from, you can set them off before you even engage the main forces. It helps not getting slammed in the back by a couple of panthers.
Also, restarting a mission changes some of the units as well.

One quirk I find annoying is the TC has better mechs then the FS.

Being outnumbered isn't that bad, but not being able to take down light mechs easily with a heavy or assault is annoying. The terrain is set up so you can't maneuver your units to deal with them, as you have things like a small area you have to go thru in order to attack them.
Granted, I remove jump jets, as the extra sinks and weapons seemed to do me better. This severely limits jumping over mountains and being able to move when heat has your unit down to 1.

Once you got some game mechanics figured out, it gets a little easier.
One thing I did learn the hard way, is to do lots of side missions in order to equip your unit better. Having a Stalker loaded with LRMS during a few of the earlier missions definitely helps when you normally only have lights and mediums. The convoy destruction missions almost require at least one heavy unit with lrms to remove the units that run.
I hated those ones with the Strikers that hit with everything, and had armor beyond what is possible in a normal game.
As noted, the stray shot system is very frustrating here. Nothing like having 3 units lose evasion due to a single lrm volley. Worse one had hit the head of a mech, causing a good pilot to be out of commission for a couple of months. Replayed that mission to avoid that.

LRMs is necessary when you are just starting, but once you get into heavy and assault mechs, they spread out too much to rely upon, or so has been my experience.
03/27/22 10:13 PM

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That's why I play CS GO.
04/04/22 09:52 AM

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So mate, maybe now it's time to try a new game. I am certain you've heard about CS GO, so this is definitely a reason to try this game.
01/13/23 07:54 PM

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Has anyone tried the advanced 3062 mod for this game?
Been thinking of trying it, but limited drive space. Would have to delete something to get it started, and not a fan of the non point and click install of mods.
03/24/23 07:30 AM

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I tried it. It advances the timeline and technology level of BattleTech
04/07/23 04:27 PM

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Is 3065 mod any good?
I have seen a few play it, but still on the fence about getting it.
I like the idea that you can have more then a single 4 mech lance. The addition of vehicle as well as battle armor sounds nice as well. Still dislike some of the mission allowing only a certain weight, like almost all of the video games dealing with BT.
I can see they rewritten some of the way things are done, such as evasion being handled differently then the other game. The idea of Advanced probes being worth a crap is nice. I really didn't like sensor lock in the original game. Wasting a turn and even a specialty slot just didn't sound right to me.

I like the idea of being able to start anywhere in the IS, as having to start in one location means being stuck with specific units. Mechwarrior 5 finally dealt with that issue, and has different starter mechs depending on where you start. Though that might be the one DLC I got for it.

Does the mod affect when you play the story line? I know someone said they block the story campaign, and wanted to find out. Some of the original missions needed more units for the player to get thru.
08/26/23 06:42 AM

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I have seen a few play it, but still on the fence about getting it.
I like the idea that you can have more then a single 4 mech lance. The addition of vehicle as well as battle armor sounds nice as well. Still dislike some of the mission allowing only a certain weight, like almost all of the video games dealing with BT.
I can see they rewritten some of the way things are done, such as evasion being handled differently then the other game. The idea of Advanced probes being worth a crap is nice. I really didn't like sensor lock in the original game. Wasting a turn and even a specialty slot just didn't sound right to me.

I like the idea of being able to start anywhere in the IS, as having to start in one location means being stuck with specific units. Mechwarrior 5 finally dealt with that issue, and has different starter mechs depending on where you start. Though that might be the one DLC I got for it.

Does the mod affect when you play the story line? I know someone said they block the story campaign, and wanted to find out. Some of the original missions needed more units for the player to get thru.
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08/26/23 09:52 PM

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I can agree with sensor lock, other then spotting units for lrm fire, but even then, you lose the ability to fire with the sensor locking unit. The advanced probe, from what I have seen, is much better, with the player showing it off, didn't like having half his units affected by it. They didn't seem to realize why the enemy sent one fast unit with bonuses to damage reduction, to a point just inside sighting range. I don't think they realized that unit was spotting for all the lrm/ppc carrying units in the enemy arsenal.

Starting anywhere is nice, but I haven't played the mod for the HBS game. The one for mechwarrior 5 is nice though.
Both games starting forces you to take what you can get for missions at first.
And from the little I know of, the campaign for HBS Battletech is skipped with the mods. I believe they do so, to avoid issues with missions in the game. Having even a single extra mech, would make some of the missions that much easier.
I would have loved an extra mech or two in a few missions. Being forced to defend a point, while making sure the enemy doesn't sneak in a vehicle while the enemy has over double your number with lrm carriers being deployed against you was almost the rage quit point for me.
04/08/24 04:10 PM

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Finally played the 3062 mod for Battletech game.

It has a lot to offer, though it changes how you basically play the video game.

First thing is you have a limited sight range. Which is not as far as some of the weapons, such as LRMs can fire. Sensor lock become very realevant. Tags and narcs help with this as well.
Also a very important thing with the mod, is altitude has a major effect on your to hit numbers, especially when you first start. If you are at a lower altitude then your target, you to hit numbers are worse, This takes some getting used to, as you almost always start off lower then your enemy.
Fast units have an advantage now. The evasion helps, but they also tend to allow you to get more advantages with positioning, as side shots will give you a plus on your to hits.

Shooting something doesn't remove the evasion as much. And when starting a mission, all mobile units start off with max evasion. This can be a problem if you start off in combat range. Reserving until the last initiative seems to be the best case here, but it is possible the enemy will do the same thing.
A successful kick on mechs will remove all evasion. On a vehicle, it removes 2 evasion.

Be very aware that a lot of new/modified weapons are in the mod. Artillery is available. Newer ammo is in the game as well, such as inferno rounds for artillery, as well as srms and lrms. Mrms are in the game as well. Rocket launchers and mech mortors as well, which can use the inferno rounds.

One quirk I have found, is the AI hates any power armor on the board. It seems to attack them over almost all else.
They tend to ignore the nice juicy shut down mech that they can hit in the back to fire on the power armor. It isn't always done, but more then enough time, you can get he AI to move to engage them first.
Honestly, I can see why. Hard to hit, with 4 to 5 machines in the unit, with the ability to swarm a unit. Just like the board game, a light unit will probably die from a swarm, with the heavier mechs getting hurt kind of badly.

Careful maneuvering is your friend for certain units on a few maps. Basically, all you turn is used to move a single space in terrain that you couldn't move in otherwise. This means no more getting stuck because you don't have jump jets, but more importantly, your hovers can be trapped from forests or hills otherwise.

One last thing for now. Clan made mechs are at a horrible disadvantage when performing melee attacks. It can be dealt with if you get the right skills. But expect to miss far more then hit when performing the melee attacks when driving a clan mech.
04/14/24 11:48 PM

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Be aware that the 3062 mod removes the ability to play the games story line. The option does not even show up in the main menu.

A few more things to be aware of before playing it is that some missions have you starting out mixed with the enemy, and everyone starts off at max evasion. You might think that as good, but when they hit you pretty consistently, while you miss alot gets annoying. Sensor lock will pull 2 evasion off most units, with a few that carry ECM, which makes that unit immune to evasion loss from sensor lock. A successful kick works, but be warned. The enemy will hurt you if you don't have a good evasion. Sometimes, they basically force you.
And the enemy will DFA you at times.

I seem to have run into the XCom curse where 80% or higher to hit numbers seem to invert the tables. It seems, I have missed more shots above 80% then at 50. Could just be me thinking that, as it seems to do it alot when you need it most.

Some items will take you by surprise. The ecm got me a few times, as I couldn't figure out why the enemy unit wasn't being affected by a sensor lock. The advanced probe can send out a ping, which sensor locks every enemy unit in range. I believe the Owens omni mech all have one on them. Firestarters tend to have ecm on them, making them real pains to kill before they torch your units.
Mortors are a pain after a while, as well. Base assault missions normally have them on a hill top with little or no cover to hide behind, so their ac 2 turrets tend to rip you up. And most of the turrets have more armor then the base game.
A normal turret set up has an LRM, MRM, Mortor, and ac 2 turret around most bases.

Once you get the funds, the LRM carrier mk II vehicle seems to be worth it. Slower then an Urbie, so be warned there.
And yes. There is a special skill tree for just tank drivers.

It is still pretty fun. Maps do change the difficulty dramatically.
And the AMS does work in the game, so saturation need to be done with missiles. It will not fire at all volleys, just the first one or two.

If you have the DLCs for the base game, the mod does involve them, but if you don't have the DLCs, you need to mark them off when installing the mod.
It is nice having a full 12 mechs/vehicles, with a full 4 power armor on top of that.
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