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07/09/02 02:19 AM

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Trading mabey. but after 4 years without an expansion it comes down to pretty much nothing more than a card game. Of course those of us who are generous or interested in philanthropic work hook up other players from time to time. But if you really did start from the beginning and were competitive then you probably have all the cards in the game. But wait! it isn't supported any more, which means no cardshops stock it (except in the 3 for a $1 giveaway bins) and support any kind of organized play. The players who still have any interest as scattered to the four winds, and it looks like any hope of revival is dead, then wait! On line play developes with IRC and other forms of instant messaging, sure the games are slow but people can still PLAY because that is what the card game was designed for PLAY not just to gather dust in binders and cardboard boxes. Tony Miricle (another old timer) did some GML file work and patched Apprentice (with 4 glairing errors) and play was resumed this time with a world population as the playing field. All was well, but the pesants wanted more; more color, more options, more opportunites. BugLaden steps up to the plate and hits a home run. gEngine now has save game ability (a grandslam comparied to the buggy resume abilily of Apprentice) But play has resumed and more people are playing now than ever...thanks to the mulitplayer and chat well as all the cool artwork.
sure it is a "trading" card game, but there is no real value in the cards. Sure there are 1000 doubleovertimes (or so if some have not been destroyed) floating out there that you can get $20 for but hey, one card? Better to not spend ANY money on the game and just play and enjoy the strategy deck building potential of the on line facilities, and that is what all the new players (5 in the last week) I have taught are doing. The game mechanics are my favortie, but the game is dead with no hope of a revival in sight. I am just glad that people are able to be part of a global BT community and the action packed PLAYING card game is part of that community.


"loremaster for the election year 2002-2203"
"An empty AC/20 is little better than a Club"
07/10/02 02:11 PM

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A card game? You mean a game with *cards*? Oh wait, but you don't use cards now do you? And like you like to point out so much, check yahoo and you'll see there *are* oldtimers that still trade, and don't have 6 of each. Do you need names? And I hear there are still groups playing it. But this doesn't really interest you, right? The game is nothing but an online ripped off version of the original card game, with the same game mechanics and artwork but NO cards involved (BTW, did you ask the artists' permission to scan and use the artwork in gEngine?). Good thing you're not in the advertising business, cause IIRC in every single post you made here except one or two you mention gEngine - which you scanned the artwork for as a coincidence.
Maybe the cards have no value to you, but there are still people out there that give money for them. Again check yahoo. Spending no money? Isn't that AGAINST the original general objective of the game (and games in general) - make money? What's the fun in having all the cards available?

For a "loremaster", you know very little about the essence of the game as a whole. And being "loremaster" in yahoo (and this is why I only mentioned yahoo in the previous paragraphs) only means anything for those what, 10 or so people that voted for you. How many people does the group has again?
"Loremaster". Bah. You like having a title, huh? Whatever gets you off man.
07/11/02 12:26 AM

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Right, cards. but they have little if any residual value from their purchase price. Even collectors are selling them off right and left for pennies a rare on e-bay. However, i do (any MANY others as well) have all the cards we need yet we still play pick up games at conventions and have "BTCCG" gaming nights on the weekend. Sure it is fun to play with the cards, but the play enviornment has been pretty stagnent for the past few years since the card game lost all forms of support. You can bad mouth the on line playing options but there are more than one of them out there and if you chose not to use them it is your loss. The way you have treated other members of the forum who do occasionaly trade cards it seems you will have lost out there as well, but you must not have wanted to trade all that badly anyway because if you ddi you would be a bit more civil with the people who had the ability to provide you with your needs. I personally don't care much for your arguements about "rip off" check the entire Napster MP3 debacle out. If it is information or Art and it is not being commercially reproduced then the internet community has considered it fair game. Such is the way the wind has been blowing. If you did a bit of research you would have looked into BugLadens mission statment for his engine and seen that when at all possible he gets the game DESIGNERS and owners PERMISSION to use the games before he places them on the engine. but you didn't look that hard obviously....

Again your loss, and those of us who enjoy a frendly game of on line BT's gain not to have an abrasive, caustic, and rude personality on line :-)


"An empty AC/20 is little better than a Club"
07/11/02 03:52 AM

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Ok, a pretty simple post. I guess there wasn't much to say anyway, right? Or at least something new. Eheh.
07/11/02 06:29 AM

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On 2nd thought, let me reply to you. You're trying to pin the 'bad guy' label on me here, as a result of poor argumentation skills on your part. When trapped, run around in circles and try to cloud people's minds with lies, huh? Are those the tactics of a 'good guy'? Not that anyone is actually reading this to care...

You do realise games have a limited lifespan, don't you. Each and every game. That means BTTCG too. So some people get rid of their cards, and others buy them, whatever the price. Regardless, some are lucky enough to get the cards cheap. But that's good, isn't it. People are still looking for CARDS. You only see the selling part. Howcome you don't see the buying part? Not in your best interest?
If you and so MANY others have all the cards and play, how can you say the game is dead? So the play environment has been stagnant. So there's no official support. That was the objective of the yahoo group, to keep the game alive, by the players. In some form or another, it still is. And I wouldn't say it's thanks to you.
Did I ever bad mouth any online option? Show me a post where I did that. Don't go confusing things. I said and maintain that you advertise gEngine in each and every post you make. I'm not even bad mouthing gEngine. So get your facts straight, and don't put words in my mouth. You don't even know if I use gEngine or Apprectice or any other option.
The way I've treated other members of the forum? Tell me, how did I treat them? And who are those? You're trying to "recruit" people to your side, with a crappy argument. You know what, I don't care. Noone's reading. I used the word 'moron', yes. If it was a "regular" trade, I'll stick to it. I also saw 'idiot' somewhere. Lost? Ha, you wish. Don't go drawing attention away from the subjects at hand.
Wasn't Napster shutdown? Gee, wonder why. Not commercially reproduced? Artwork is always commercially reproduceable. And if you had done a little reading, you would have seen I asked you about scanning and spreading the artwork, not Bugladen about the mechanics. But you didn't read that hard obviously. And funny thing, I don't recall there being a legal entity called internet community...

You mean, someone that can make you unconfortable? ;-)

Any time! You wanna get railroaded that is.

No title anymore?
Anyway, being loremaster for 201 years was probably too much even for you.
02/01/04 06:35 PM

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life span? never! battletech of any kind (card,computer,board game) will last forever! forever i tell you! hahaha!
ah i only wish......................
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