Piranha Armored Car (Omni)

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06/08/18 01:57 PM

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Piranha Armored Car Base
Base Tech Level: Standard (IS)
Level Era
Experimental -
Advanced 3070+
Standard -
Tech Rating: E/X-F-E-D

Weight: 10 tons
BV: 145
Cost: 225,313 C-bills

Movement: 6/9 [5/8] (Wheeled)
Engine: 40 XL

Internal: 5
Armor: 44 (Ferro-Fibrous)
Internal Armor
Front 1 10
Right 1 10
Left 1 10
Rear 1 7
Turret 1 7

Equipment Loc Omni
Combat Vehicle Chassis Mod [Dune Buggy] BD Fixed
Combat Vehicle Chassis Mod [Limited Amphibious] BD Fixed

Carrying Capacity
One battle armor squad

Easy to Maintain

Pod Space: 3 crits, 4 tons (5 in turret)


[Swift Piranha]: removes 3 points of armor off the left, right, and front for a heavier 70 XLE to propel the chassis to 8/12. Omni-variants are the same as the vanilla Piranha.

Combat Prime
Medium X-Pulse Laser (turret)
Small X-Pulse Laser (turret)
Targeting Computer

Combat A
Light PPC (turret)
ER Medium Laser (turret)

Combat B
Light PPC (turret)
Small X-Pulse Laser (turret)

Combat C
Light PPC w/ Capacitor (turret)

Combat D
Light PPC (turret)
Targeting Computer

Missile Prime
2x MML-3 (turret)
1t Ammo Bay

Missile A
1x LRM-5 (turret)
1x ER Medium Laser (turret)
1t Ammo Bay

Missile B
2x SRM-2 (turret)
2t Ammo Bay

Missile C
1x Stream SRM-4 (turret)
1t Ammo Bay

Missile D
1x Thunderbolt-5 (turret)
1t Ammo Bay

Missile E
1x MRM-10 (turret)
1t Ammo Bay

Anti-Infantry Prime
2x Heavy Flamer (turret)
1t Ammo

Anti-Infantry A
2x Heavy MG (turret)
2t Ammo

Anti-Infantry B
2x Small X-Pulse Laser (turret)
1x Medium Pulse Laser (turret)

Anti-Infantry C
2x ER Flamer (turret)
1x Medium Laser (turret)

Anti-Infantry D [rare]
1x Clan Plasma Cannon (turret)
1t Ammo

BA Carrier
4t Infantry Bay

IFV Prime
1x ER Medium Laser (turret)
3t Infantry Bay

2x ER Medium Laser (turret)
2t Infantry Bay

Light PPC (turret)
1t Infantry Bay

Laser AMS (turret)
Small X-Pulse Laser (turret)
1.5t Infantry Bay

"Flying Fish"
2x ER Medium Laser (turret)
1x Vehicular Dropchute (Camoflage)

Recon Prime
Laser AMS (turret)
Beagle Active Probe
TAG (turret)

Recon A
C3 Slave
Bloodhound Active Probe
TAG (turret)

Recon B
ER Medium Laser (turret)
Narc (turret)
1t ammo

Recon C
Medium X-Pulse Laser (turret)
Beagle Active Probe
Recon Camera (turret)

Mortar (MM1)
'Mech Mortar 1 (turret)
2t Ammo

Mortar (Stokes)
Stokes (turret)
2t Ammo

Mortar (Stokes GM)
Stokes Gun-Mortar (turret)
1.5t Ammo

Mortar (Scorpion)
Scorpion (turret)
1.5t Ammo

2x Vehicle Mine Layers (rear)
3t Cargo (for more mines)

2x Remote Sensor Dispensor (rear)
3t Cargo (for more sensors)

Light Engineering Vehicle
Bulldozer (front)
1t Infantry Space
ER Medium Laser (turret)

ECM Prime
Guardian ECM Suite
Medium X-Pulse Laser (turret)
ER Small Laser (turret)

Angel ECM Suite
2x ER Medium Laser (turret)

2x Bridge Layer (medium) (front, rear)

External Cargo Hauler
1x Lift Hoist (rear)
1t Cargo

Internal Cargo Transport
4t Cargo

Field Kitchen
1x Field Kitchen
.5 ton cargo
.5 ton liquid cargo

Command Vehicle
4t Comms equipment

Light MASH unit
MASH Core Component
.5 tons cargo

Paramedic Vehicle
16x Paramedic Equipment

Modular Armor (front)
Minesweeper (front)

Variant list is not comprehensive


Here's an IS ultralight omni-vehicle that I tried to make as versatile as possible, like some kind of omni-version of the Stryker but even lighter, the size of a MOWAG Piranha or BRDM-2. It was rather tricky to do with such a limited space and size though.
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