Aerospace Build – Kitsune and Kamikaze

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06/14/18 02:58 AM

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I was in the gym today and the following popped into my mind …

Question: Is it possible to build the following? And if so do you think it would be mass produced for Navy and for Sword of Light Units?

DCMS – Circa. 3150 approx.

Code-name – Kitsune – Two Tail ad Three Tail Variant (A Cat’s Eye type Aerospace Fighter)
A two or three person crew aerospace fighter
Primary Purpose: Mobile Command Aerospace Fighter for their Kamikaze Drones
Each Co-pilot is able to command 2 Kamikaze Drone Aerospace Fighters

The Fighter
Primary Capabilities: Speed, Stealth, advanced Communication and Detection equipment as well as a way to auto-pilot 2 Kamikaze Drones (Two Tail Variant) or with one pilot and two co-pilots (Three Tail Variant) 4 Kamikaze Drones
Tonnage and any other weapons systems is up to the discretion of the engineer – though the speed must be near to that of the Kamikaze itself.

Codename – Kamikaze
An un-maned aerospace fighter
Primary Purpose: Nuclear Support Aero-Space Fighter Drone,

The Drone
Primary Capabilities; Speed, Stealth, Advanced Communication and detection equipment as well as a way for the Kitsune to pilot the aerospace fighter
Primary Purpose: Naval Assault craft against Warships, Dropships, Guarding Important DCMS Space Stations, Recharge stations and primary worlds.
Secondary Purpose: Attached to Sword of Light Units - Air to Ground Support; Nuclear Air Burst (destruction of enemies computer systems – if not shielded)
Tonnage and any other systems is at the discretion of the engineer
However The Kamikaze is allowed only one Nuclear Missile as its total weapons complement . (unless you though two would work better).

The Kamikaze may be able fire its missile or Kamikaze itself into its target with its nuclear weapon(s) – at the discretion of its Kitsune Co-pilot.

In the event it’s Kitsune is destroyed the Kamikaze will be able to identify the nearest and biggest enemy threat as its target, it will then become a missile to destroy that threat at full speed.

If possible - Does anyone want to build these and post them below? compare ideas?
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06/14/18 11:27 AM

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What is the speed difference between using fusion engines and a nuclear engine to power the drones? I would think just having normal weapons on it, then overloading the engine when the big explosion is needed.

The command center craft may need to be a bit larger, depending on how many targets you want to go after. Say each station control up to 6 drones as a squadron.

Using a nuke for ground attacks may not be a good idea if you are protecting your areas. Having it go off, means you lose that area for, well, anything. On the enemy side, removing troops would work, but if you want to keep that area as well, you need to avoid using the nuke.

Might allow it to be a stationary weapon until recalled or needed. Save fuel, and still allow fire support to friendly forces.
06/14/18 04:07 PM

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The machine gun of missiles in the battle tech universe.

06/14/18 04:22 PM

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Guys we do have an Aerospace subforum for these designs...

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06/15/18 01:36 AM

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Kitsune, you say?
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06/15/18 11:20 AM

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Would a bomb work in space?
I know gravity isn't there, so it wouldn't just drop, but if you aim your fighter towards the target, and release, pull up and leave the bomb to follow that course, much like the jump bomber does.
This would allow for an even lighter unit, or more payload as the fuel, guidance system, and such would not be needed.
No air, so any course changes would need a thruster. Unless guided, which then you such use a missile or rocket, no need.

It would be extremely short ranged, but it would give you the ability to carry a decent damaging payload for warships and drop ships. I guess hitting Jumpships, other then boarding doesn't sit well with me. Might be the idea that supplies don't get moved when they are destroyed.

If light enough, set up a cluster of bombs to be released at once, so at least one or more should hit. Might even make a bomber design more practical. Payload and speed.
06/15/18 01:39 PM

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Bombs work in space, there's rules for space bombing in Strat Ops pg.116. It's a massive pain though if you're wanting to target anything other than a space station. Your target has to be at least bigger than an Overlord to even think about making the attack, and a regular Warship is still very difficult to hit with bombing runs if they're doing some evasive maneuvers.
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