WIP: The Galley Class Merchant Marine Dropship, 800-tons / Aerodyne

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09/26/18 08:58 PM

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Aerodyne Dropship


Base Tech Level: Standard (IS)
Level ???? Era ????
Experimental -
Advanced -
Standard ?????
Tech Rating: ?/?-?-?-?

Weight: 800 tons
BV: 1,577
Cost: 85,972,320 C-bills

Movement: 3/5
Heat Sinks: 14
Fuel Points: 16800 (280.0 tons)
Tons Per Burn Day: 1.84

Structural Integrity: 7
Armor: 524
Nose 131
Left Side 131
Right Side 131
Aft 131

Weapons Loc Heat
Laser Bay LS 12
Medium Laser
Medium Laser
Medium Laser
Medium Laser
Laser Bay RS 12
Medium Laser
Medium Laser
Medium Laser
Medium Laser
Point Defense Bay LS 2
Small Laser
Small Laser
Point Defense Bay RS 2
Small Laser
Small Laser

Equipment Loc
Communications Equipment (3 ton) NOS
Field Kitchen AFT
Searchlight (Mounted) LS
Searchlight (Mounted) LS
Searchlight (Mounted) LS
Searchlight (Mounted) LS
Searchlight (Mounted) RS
Searchlight (Mounted) RS
Searchlight (Mounted) RS
Searchlight (Mounted) RS

Carrying Capacity
Liquid Cargo Space (1 door) - 15 tons
Refrigerated Cargo Space (1 door) - 15 tons
Insulated Cargo Space (1 door) - 30 tons
Insulated Cargo Space (1 door) - 30 tons
Insulated Cargo Space (1 door) - 30 tons
Insulated Cargo Space (1 door) - 30 tons
Cargo Space (1 door) - 0.500 tons
Cargo Space (1 door) - 0.500 tons

Officers 3
Enlisted/Non-rated 7
Gunners 2
Bay Personnel 0

Misc Weight Info:

SI: 28.0 tons
Engine: 156.0 tons
Fuel: 286.0 tons
Control Systems: 6.0 tons
Heat Sinks: 12.0 tons
Armor: 31.0 tons
Weapons: 10.0 tons
Ammo: 0.0 tons
Equipment: 10.0 tons
Transport: 173.0 tons
Crew: 88.0 tons
Other: 0.0 tons

Misc Engine Info:

Turns at Safe: 5600.00
Turns at Max: 2400.00
Burn Days 1G: 152.17
Burn Days Max: 60.87

Arrangement of Crew Quarters:

1 First Class / Officer
2 Standard
2 Second Class
10 Steerage
0 Lifeboats
0 Escape Pods


The Galley-Class Aerodyne Dropship is effectively a half-weight civillian model of the Trireme-Class Support Ship. Boasting more Armor than her sister class, she nevertheless has less fuel, lighter armament, smaller Cargo Holds and lacks any MASH Theaters. She does retain The additional Communications Equipment of her military-grade relative, while the Lifeboats and Escape Pods are noticeably missing. crew arrangements are arranged in the same fashion as the Trireme, a single First class / Officer's Accommodation for the Captain / Ranking Officer, two Standard Grade Cabins for the other acting Officers, Second-Class allocations for the Gunnery personnel and stinky Steerage for the rest. The Galley-Class DOES retain the Liquid and Refrigerated stowage of her patron class, alongside the Field Kitchen for excellent food on long journeys despite the cramped quarters. While significantly down-gunned from it's military-grade progenitor, a complement of four Small Lasers, eight Medium Lasers and just as many Searchlights ensures that this Dropship will enable it's owner to trade with peace of mind. The Galley gets it's name from the configuration of it's armaments, while having a hull that is effectively a downscaled Trireme.

Designer's Notes:

This ship is a work in progress, and without HeavyMetalAero I'm stuck using MegaMekLab for these. If anyone cares to convert them and re-post them, that'd be fine.

ATTACHEMENT HERE------> Attachment (60 downloads)
"Woad Raider, kill things today."

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