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07/24/21 03:03 AM

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Anyone playing the game....

Is it just me and my imagination or does the lance AI seem to run into your line of fire a lot?
I go to head shot the enemy only to see my own lance mates run into the line of fire, and complain when they get hit, only to keep moving into the fire zones, no matter what I do.
They also seem to forget they have lrms and have to go to melee range in order to fight, even when they have nothing but LRMs.
I removed everything from a few mechs but the lrms, and the AI did not sit back, like the enemy and fire the lrms, but literally ran into the enemy mechs.
The idiocy also seems to extend into my changing targets for my fire. They seem to stop firing on their targets a lot in order to fire on the one I am.

Let me know if this happens to you. Might be just me.
10/22/21 12:49 PM

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Yes this happens constantly! even with mods to make the AI supposedly smarter, they are constantly rushing to melee ranges and walking back and forth in my and their own firelanes. It is the worst part of the game for me at the moment, cause it makes little to no sense. I learned to outfit all my Ai mechs with cheapest low range gear cause they rarely use it anyways. had to get the friendly fire mod cause I could not take their frankly retarded behavior.

I wish i was smart enough to mod this game, as it needs the addition of getting a larger drop ship, having more then 1 lance at a time out and doing the mission, smarter AI, options to buy own jumpship, a better pain mod, and I more mech hardpoint customization.

Still love it though, with just a few mods, have not been able to stop playing. I am on pacific standard time, if you ever want to co-op.
10/22/21 07:56 PM

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Once you get an Annihilator, and arm it with LBX Solid cannons, you can reasonably head shot most mechs. I set up for that a lot, and see my own lance run in front of me, even though I have told them to target a unit off to one side.
What is worse is when they have the same speed as you do, and are behind you, yet seem to be able to pass you up, though you are going full speed to do this. I have had to replay several missions as I have killed pilots and mechs that have done this.

Another odd thing about the game is to reliably get head shots, you can't use the burst fire cannons. It has to be the single shot. You can use lasers, but the PPCs seem to have issues as they need to be lead, and tend to crisscross before they hit, instead of firing out.

The only unit I have an issue with is the Phoenix Hawks. The Crabs just need a single fire, instead of group fire to hit the head. The Rifleman, Blackjack, and a few others are in the center of the center torso, incase people are having issues with head shots on them. For normal mechs, you do have to aim above the targeting box the game gives.
One issue I do have with some units is the fact they don't have to face you in order to hit you. Locust are like this. I have not found a way to flip the arms, but watch a Locust running from me, pegging me with the MGs.

One frustrating thing is the target lock failure. I have missiles miss just before they hit, because it loses the lock, even though I can see the target in plain sight. The enemy doesn't seem to have this issue.
And so people know, the range of some of the weapons is not correct. The LBX fires much further then the stats say. You can hit targets out to 1000 plus meters. This is good when on a demolition mission, as you can destroy buildings without having to be right on them.
04/14/23 12:23 AM

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11/28/23 11:36 PM

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Yes, it does happen all the time! They are continuously charging towards melee ranges and pacing back and forth in both mine and their firelanes, even with modifications that are supposed to make the AI smarter. It makes little to no sense, which makes it the worst element of the game for me right now. Since my AI mechs hardly ever employ low-range gear, I've learnt to outfit them all with the cheapest gear available.
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