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10/28/21 11:03 AM

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MW5 seems to be very biased towards direct-fire weapons.

I just bought an ARC-2R Archer because I was excited by the Macross missile spam given the deeply satisfying sound effects for missiles.

In MW2 LRMs were absolute insanity, especially with the 'lock, fire, swing torso WAAAAAYYY wide to get missiles to arc in absolutely preposterous ways' mechanics.

In MW3 I remember them being decent, especially for 'mechs that didn't like having lots of face time with hostiles.

In MW4 they were definitely useable.

But when I unload 40LRMs on someone in MW5 it barely scratches them. My first victim was an ASN-21 Assassin, and I nearly unloaded my bins trying to bring him down with LRMs.

They seem to be solid vehicle killers, but what's up with the almost-no-damage from one of the hardest hitting weapons in Battletech? Am I doing something wrong? Is this a stream vs. volley thing? A burst-fire AC/5 absolutely wrecks that same Assassin, you'd figure hitting it eight times as hard would do something?
10/28/21 01:40 PM

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Did you have issues with the lock failing as they launched or just before they hit? That was a big issue with my games. You could see the lock end just as the missiles were about to hit. This could well be the reason for the lack of damage. Also, the normal launchers seem to do less damage then the ones that fire out the shots in a chain. Not to be confused with chain fire. I want to say they call them swarm, but that is something different from the board games swarm shots.

The single shot acs are great for head shooting the enemy. Not sure of the rifles, which should not be confused with the Gauss rifles. Lasers can be used as well, but the ac 10 single shot is great for taking down the enemy with a head shot. I got decent with the annihilator with that.

As stated, I believe the swarm shot does more damage, as the missiles are in a line to hit, not side by side. The game seems to lose the lock and that means your missiles don't track properly. Keep an eye on that next time you play.

And I would believe you have seen the direct fire shots on tanks is messed up. You seem to hit the ground a lot. The auto target when locked seems to have a lot to do with this.

I tried the sit back and LRM units to death, only to see volley after volley do nothing.
If you use mods, there is one that for 10 mil, you can buy an antenna that doesn't lose the lock. As stated in another thread, it upset me greatly that I could not lock onto an enemy unit that I could see running the in the distance or lose the lock just as the enemy was about to be hit. I could see it move, and the missiles didn't track.
06/14/23 10:39 AM

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Direct fire does seem to be what the game pushes for, as the burst fire ac 2 is far more dangerous then you would think. The reload speed means it fires 4 or more times before a large laser charges, or having an ac 20 reload. Even missile reloads are slow enough where you can hit with the ac 2 several times, with damage being enough to take down mechs with head hits.

The game targets your mech when you sit behind a hill and use your lance mates to 'target' for you. I have had so many enemy mechs run past 3 Atlases, to run into range to fire at me. Recently, when a drop ship drops off units in combat, especially during the warfare missions, they ignore my team mates and fire at me only. I have had a few run straight to me, since some of the LRM boats like the Stalker and Catapult don't have arms to melee back, makes this very annoying.

And yes, the tonnage limit is crap. There is no real reason to say you can only have 160 tons on a mission when alls you have is heavy and assault mechs.

Still fun, though you have to try and ignore issues.
If you use mods, the Antenna mod helps remove the lost of targeting for lrms, and the no tonnage limit removes the garbage of having to bring a lance of Locust to a warzone.

The upgraded weapons is almost worthless with the weight limits, as the enemy seems to focus fire on the areas that have them installed. The level 1-4 that is in the vanilla game, not some sort of mod, incase someone doesn't know the game has them.
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