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04/01/24 11:49 AM

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I recently thought about the clans and their splintering the large houses of the IS.

This might well be what was needed to create the war scenario that was 'needed' to keep the fight going.
Instead of a few factions, now you have dozens. This will allow even more fighting to happen, without sending the IS into another succession war. It looks to force a lot more smaller conflicts, so players can thrive a little better then the time where anything smaller then a battalion could not survive.
It does not mean you couldn't use a battalion, but it is not necessary to make a difference.

A few issues that are appearing is that the DC is not splintered enough. If the FS wasn't occupied by the DC as it is in the future (current game time line) , then it would fall under this issue as well.

Now I probably don't have the full knowledge of what is happening, so let me know. Still don't have much after the clan invasion, though this post is based on the super FC issue that arose. Now civil wars are not the only thing that threatens the IS houses.
04/02/24 08:33 PM

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There were lots of border wars between many factions early in the Jihad, which ended with the FWL tearing itself apart. The Taurians fought the Federated Suns, the Federated Suns fought the Capellans and Combine, the Combine fought the Federated Suns and Bears, the FWL fought the Lyrans, the Lyrans fought the FWL and Falcons, etc. It was a big mess and even the unified front against WoB didn't settle every conflict.

The Dark Ages are marked by numerous factions within the Republic tearing up the Republic and dragging in factions from every House and Clan. I mean, the number of factions in that era was epic.

The Dark Ages blended into the current ilClan era of 3150, which has the Lyran Commonwealth on the ropes, numerous factions snapping up the abandoned dregs of the Wolf and Falcon occupation zones and splintering into the Hinterlands, and the Federated Suns acting like three or four separate nations while the Combine occupies New Avalon. It's a mess.

There haven't been big, simple wars in the Inner Sphere since the Clan invasion of 3050.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
04/05/24 09:26 AM

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The primary issue – is not the dissolution of the existing inner Sphere it is commencement of a new inner Spere - an increased number of Great Houses (in addition the number of small dutchies within) from which to start a new cannon story.

A shape that allows for multiple scenarios… Suggest the following as guide…
Get thee to Coventry … Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious by this daughter of Tharkad … Our army shall march through. Well to New Avalon tonight.
04/11/24 04:25 AM

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I believe the big wars is what caused a lot of problems. The fact that RCTs were used for a lot of things, made it difficult for the smaller units to do much.

It also shut down a lot of little things that could cause some headaches. A world revolting from a bad decision couldn't really do much in most of the states, as they would have a large response landing on their world.
Just too much chance of having a large response causes some of the better conflicts to be kept out of the time line.

Some of the potential would be interesting. Defiance being removed from the Stiener rule, would definitely change how the LC could do much. The Isle of Skye would start getting pounded by everyone, if for no other reason, they would control the largest weapons manufacture in the IS, outside of Terra.

I think even Comstar/WOB would get involved. They wouldn't have much choice, as Terra would eventually have to be targeted, if only to remove warships from the field.

And to be honest, removing the warship production facilities would be best to keep the game going. They are great, when you are the only one that has them. But as shown, when you don't, you can't do much except bury yourself as deep as possible. Even then, you will eventually starve.
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