“An Angel Has Fallen”

I would for a moment call attention to a heartbreaking thread on the MechWarrior Online forum. A young Jenner pilot, Sarah Marie Alida Parries, of Vancouver, British Columbia lost her battle with brain cancer last week. At just five years of age she played with her favorite mech, a Streak SRM-equipped Jenner because she liked locking on. Her catchphrase has been said when playing to be “Got ’em Good!”

sara phim

courtesy of Noesis

More amazing than the fact that she was only five years of age and the fact that  she was most likely under a lot of stress with constant hospital and doctor visits was the absolutely heart-touching response from both forum members and admins at both MWO and BattleTech.com – where I first read of this tragedy.

From simple, heartfelt sympathy to links and pledges to cancer charities to even calling for vote for the creation of a cockpit item or a Champion “Sarah-phim” Jenner to be created in her name. With proceeds going to cancer research, even.

The official fundraiser thread vote as of this writing has 894 votes for a dedicated hero Jenner for charity.

A dedicated MWO player in Germany even made a tribute video where he and some of his chums  “Got ’em Good” in Jenners; harassing heavy ‘mechs almost like a herd of ornery children with a school recess monitor. This is one of those rare times when the internet really sparkles.

Direct donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for LifeCanadian Cancer Society or preferred local cancer charity.

Bargained well, and Get ’em Good!

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6 thoughts on ““An Angel Has Fallen”

  1. Colonel Wolf

    I don’t know if Sarah’s folks will be reading this things or not, but I can’t imagine what the loss of one of my own sons would feel like, so I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I am heart-broken nonetheless. My prayers go out for you.

    Paul Emerson (aka Colonel Kay Wolf, Armageddon Unlimited, ret.)

    (will repeat at MWO)

      1. Colonel Wolf

        I’m sure there are many of us that, if we could, would take away any pain associated with Sarah’s passing. My heart, again, goes out to you.

        I don’t know whether or not it will help, but at last count more than $100,000 had gone to the Canadian Cancer organization PGI set up for the money to go to. I know it’s too late for little Sarah, and that it takes something like this precious girl’s passing to make it happen, but perhaps more can be done to prevent deaths in the future.

        Again, bless you and your family.

        ~Paul (Colonel Kay Wolf, Armageddon Unlimited)

  2. Aaren (White Bear 84)

    On behalf of our division at the older gamers, deepest condolences to the family and friends of Sarah. Her story has reached so many people across the world and has brought so many people together for a worthy and noble cause. It is heartwarming to see the community come together so strongly, her memory will always live on.

    White Bear.

  3. Steelgrave

    My Mechwarrior/Battletech days started when I was just a kid too. I grew up with it. She’ll never get to finish growing up, loving it, and seeing what comes next.

    I pay my respects to a little warriors passing, and my condolences to her family.

    For Sarah.

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