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About BobTheZombie

As an editor on the wiki since mid-2013 and a BattleTech fan since the release of MechWarrior 3, BobTheZombie mainly focuses on the wiki side of Most of his time is spent working on making sure everything is consistent and that the grammar is up to par.

Sarna Wiki: Project Video Games

After some time off, I’ve returned to editing the wiki and have plenty of ideas for improving the wiki. As usual, there’s the constant need for new articles and article updates, as well as the ever-growing pile of articles that need proofreading. I want to pick up where I left off with the unofficial “project video games”.

'Mech combat on Cermak

‘Mech combat on the planet Cermak

With this project we are aiming to vastly improve our coverage of the various video games in the BattleTech universe. Though these games are not expressly canon, they still are an important part of the ongoing universe and deserve better coverage than they have gotten.

So far, we have quantified and organized all the MechCommander and MechCommander 2 equipment stats, but the ’Mech and vehicle pages for the original MechCommander need work. With more help for those pages and for all the MechWarrior games’ related pages, these video games could be much better covered.

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New Interactive BattleTech Star Chart

In September, MechFactory released a new and improved iteration of their ISCP, or Inner Sphere Cartography Project. This was announced on their main page which includes an overview of its changes.

For more we asked MechFactory’s owner, Pheonix Wolf about the changes:

BobTheZombie: How and when did this project get started?

Phoenix Wolf: An early idea to create an interactive stellar map of all known BattleTech worlds appeared around 2001. That time we had only a deprecated 16 bit program and a text file with coordinates for 3025-era planets. I thought that a better, usable internet-based map would be a great tool for BattleTech players – especially for those people, who –like my team- are playing BattleTech RPG (MechWarrior was the name at that time). I took the data and began building the first mapping system on php/javascript basis.

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Survey Deadline Approaching

Time is almost up to take the official survey! The last day to take it will be October 15, 2014. This survey is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion of and to help us improve the site. If you haven’t taken it yet, it only takes about five minutes of your time and will help both us and the BattleTech community. Any and all feedback through this survey would be greatly appreciated. We will post the results of the survey when they are compiled and ready.

Thank you to everyone who has participated!