BattleTech Confirms Release For April 24th

courtesy of Harebrained Schemes

courtesy of Harebrained Schemes

BattleTech, the upcoming turn-based game from Hairbrained Schemes that we absolutely cannot wait any longer to get our hands on, has a release date: April 24th.

That’s right: in less than a month, we will finally get our first, turn-based, authentic BattleTech video game. Ever.

Along with the release date comes a fancy new trailer. Narrated by Kamea Arano, the deposed Aurigan noble who has a vaguely European accent, we’re given a brief recap of BattleTech’s history before she launches into the specifics of her political problems and the general plot of the game.

Of course, she also mentions how you’re ultimately a mercenary and can ignore her whenever you want. That’s why she ends the video with the promise of cold, hard c-bills for your trouble.

BATTLETECH | Story trailer | Release April 24th
Watch this video on YouTube.

What really strikes me about all the trailer videos is the incredible soundtrack that was always in store for us. Continuing in the tradition of the Shadowrun series of games, BattleTech is going to have some fantastic music that is both somehow appropriate to the era while still being composed of ancient string instruments.

Everything about this game is looking sweet, so get ready to don your neurohelmet at the end of April. And if you haven’t already pre-ordered, here’s where to do it.

And as always, MechWarriors: Stay Syrupy.

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5 thoughts on “BattleTech Confirms Release For April 24th

  1. scharmers

    “we will finally get our first, turn-based, authentic BattleTech video game. Ever.”

    Licensed, maybe. Some of us old-timers remember Ralph Reed’s “BattleFort” :)

      1. Moo

        Inception and Revenge are both good. Revenge lets you create your own scenarios, once you’ve finished the game.

  2. Justin Kase

    Ralph had a few B-Tech titles, and I LOVED all of them. Best mail order money I ever spent (and that included those X-Ray specs)


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