Catalyst Game Labs’ BattleChat with Herbert Beas

Herbert Beas, of Catalyst Game Labs, will be hosting the 5th Live BattleChat of 2013 this Saturday May 18, 2013.  There will be two chats, at 12pm and 8pm (EST), running for an hour.

This is your opportunity to ask Herbert, the Catalyst Line Developer, anything you want about the BattleTech universe.

The chat will be hosted on IRC ( port 6667, #BattleChat-Live), or you can join through a browser IRC interface.

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2 thoughts on “Catalyst Game Labs’ BattleChat with Herbert Beas


    G’Day! Nic,
    Along the same lines, I’m a big fan of the old FASA game and only just recently found a group of friends that seem interested in playing again.

    While checking online for some information to share with them, I noticed that “Catalyst Game Labs” is now producing materials for the game. I’ve taken a look at their “free download” of the “Basic Rules” and it seems that some things have changed.

    I’m curious if that’s JUST in the “sample” materials they’re sharing or have they actually changed the “original” rules and game system in general.

    If so:
    How much, by way of game mechanics, has changed? (still d6 dice, walk/run/jump, armor/structure, heat scales, etc.)
    Is it more playable? Less playable?
    Am I able to use my old materials? (maps, mechsheets, figures, etc.)

    Any information you can share would be great!
    And thanks in advance!!

    1. Nic Post author

      Catalyst Game Labs took over the BattleTech line in 2007. All of the core rules are essentially the same — no significant changes!


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