Have You Visited the Master Unit List Lately?

The Master Unit List (MUL) is a fairly unique resource as gaming resources go. I am not aware of any other game or company that has a database of units quite like it. Catalyst has, free of charge, given us a tool that we can use to research units, find out where to get the record sheets for a specific unit and variant, and even find out if a `Mech is supposed to be used in a campaign based on the timeline and tech levels.

BattleTech Master Unit List

All of this is possible using the MUL, and that’s long before you even get to the part where you realize that they have provided all of the Alpha Strike unit stat cards for (nearly) every unit in the BattleTech universe. That’s right. If you play Alpha Strike, you never have to buy a single pack or file of unit cards. They have already been provided for you!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Catalyst decided to throw something else into this amazing reference tool. If you take a look at any of the Alpha Strike Stat Cards on the MUL, you will notice that the “Skill” section of the card is filled in with the base stat, 4.This is useful until you want to improve your unit’s Skill. Well, it looks like they thought of that!

Enter the Custom Alpha Strike Card Generator. This handy dandy tool allows you to enter all of the necessary information for an Alpha Strike unit, either a stock design or one of your own design, and enter the values for PV and Skill as you see fit. Which means, you can either leave Skill blank and write it in later, on a per game basis, or you can create a card that has Skill 3, 2, or whatever else you want and adjust the PV accordingly so its right there on the card!

The possibilities for utilizing this feature are endless. I sat down with the MUL just a few days ago and began creating custom cards for the `Mechs in my 2nd Bear Regulars Beta Trinary, and before I knew it I had custom cards ready to go for the unit and many others. I went the extra mile and used Publisher to throw them all together onto a single page with some extra visuals and a chart to make PV and Skill Calculations easier.

Here is the end result, which the MUL made possible:



A reference sheet like this will help to speed up games, and the Master Unit List is to thank for that. The PV remains the base level that it is defaulted to Skill 4, but I can use the Improved-Skill PV Increase Table right there on the sheet to know how much to increase the PV for better skills, and then I can record any notes and the Unit Points Total right there on the sheet. This sheet hardly took any time at all to throw together, so doing something like it on your own would be a cinch.

The Master Unit List is worth a good look, especially if you haven’t visited it in a while. Once you spend only a few minutes looking around, you begin to realize that it took a massive amount of work and time to put together. I am thankful that Catalyst thought it was enough of a priority to find the people dedicated enough to do it because it makes playing all forms of BattleTech that much more fun for me and for others.

Stop on by and see what you find. Also, if you have a chance, send Catalyst some feedback or a thank you note for the MUL.

A big salute to all of the volunteers who have helped make the MUL possible and who continue to work on it to make it the best resource out there.

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