Interstellar Operations Update


Getting Interstellar With It!

After sometimes feeling like Vaporware, an update on Interstellar Operations was posted on on Tuesday, November 18th. This long-awaited release has been highly anticipated by the community for years.  The good news is that we have a Table of Contents ready to go, and so so much material that it will require two sourcebooks to cover.  On the other hand, a release does not appear imminent.

Some online stores will need to change anticipated release dates for Interstellar Operations that are no longer.  For example, FRPGames has the release date of November 30, 2014.  Meanwhile, it looks like Spring on 2015 is the best guess for Interstellar Operations and it’s release.

The best news is that we have a beta release of the Abstract Combat System available for your use and comments.  Why not check it out and whet your appetite for some operations at the highest levels?  The long quiet wait is over!  Now it’s just a matter of counting down the days.

You can also follow Joel “Welshman” Bancroft-Connors, @welshman_bc, who’s a writer on Interstellar Operations and is tweeting about its’ progress.

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One thought on “Interstellar Operations Update

  1. Kingsley

    Interstellar Ops comes out the last week in April. I have already seen a copy of it at my distributor. It is of passing usefulness to most, but those that really want to try a large scale war or want more detail on the different BT eras, then the book is for you.


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