Introducing the Writing Team

Who are the writers behind the Blog?  Read more to find out…

  • Abe still remembers that first shot, fired from his Crusader on a Ryoken on a harsh jungle map in a friend’s basement.  That first LRM15 salvo destroyed the Ryoken.  And a love affair was born on that day that carried through twenty years of BattleTech.
  • ClanWolverine101 is a long-time fan of BattleTech, beginning with the Third edition boxed set tabletop game. He is one of those who preferred the MechCommander games to the MechWarrior series, finding it closer to the original product. He has been a writer and editor for since 2010.
  • Nic is the founder of  He was introduced to BattleTech via the Virtual Pods at Chicaco’s Navy Pier, and has been playing the board game on and off now for over 18 years. A web developer by trade, Nic enjoys engaging with the community and will be writing about everything BattleTech.
  • Ron is an amateur graphic artist, writer and long time fan of the BattleTech and MechWarrior franchise and other former FASA works. He has more experience with the videogame side, but maintains a sizable collection of miniatures in his spare time, just in case.
  • Sean is a writer and gamer by nature. His first introduction to the BattleTech universe was MechWarrior 2, and has been hooked ever since. He now plays MechWarrior: Online in order to fill that missing void of BattleTech since MW:4 and MC:2. He has been writing for Battletech-Mercenaries, a fansite, since 2007.
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